The gecko in my tree

Okay, so even as i sit here writting my friends there is a little (al be it tiny) but there just the same ... gecko that lives in the tree that sits in my living room. The item that is here for my decoritve pleasure is the home to an animal that i would much prefer not be here at all. But that is just one of the things that I have to live with. But the good news is that with all of the new develpments with technology... I get to listen to my favorite radio station... 99.5 the wolf. And there is nothing that makes you feel quite like home as listening to the traffic in an area that has more cars then my whole town. But... life is good, it is happy and healthy and full of days at the beach and great tacos. Ruben made my all time favorite meal... most likely my favorite because I do not make it. I can but choose not to. Fried chicken tacos. nothing magic, or special just my favorite.
Today was a good day. The weather was overcast, lots of rain, but we sat uner a makeshift palapa on the beach, built our version of chitzenitza and played in the waves. it was a good day. I miss my family and wish they were here. More so I wish they knew what I had here. Why I am ot in a rush to get back to the USA. Even in its worst mometns (and ther are plenty) life is good. It is simple, and that is good. I am not living the life, but I am living a good one.


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