Visit to SF

With all of this, the babies well… absolutely crashed out. J We woke up early and headed off the other direction and shared an ice cream sunday at Ghirardelli Square. So now, the weekend is over, and we leave at 11:30 tonight. I am off to get beautiful to Ruben later today.

The drive was no problem to San Francisco. I got to spend some time in Fresno and see Grandma Pusey. It was such a treat to spend some time with her. Seeing Brad and Nancy are always a kick in the pants and I saw my Great Uncle Buck for a few minutes. And the visit here in SF has been great. There has been such a crazy amount to get done. I had to go to 3 offices and get stamps and extra letters and all sorts of stuff to get all of docs Apostled. (Sp???) This is basically and International Notary. It is a stamp that only the State can give and is recognized by international governments. Anyway. The visit with the family has been great. We had a great BBQ and some of Ruben’s Aunts and Uncles were there. I have not seen some of the kids in so long. I got to see Jordan just a few days before she headed off to Mexico, and seeing her always rests my mind and gives me such confidence. And I got to hang out with Heidi. And as always with Heidi- I always end up trying some great new place and great vegetarian food. This trip was no exception. But I must say that the absolute best part about my trip thus far has been the date that I had with my kids …. Here is the scoop.
I had run all of SF to get all of the stupid stamps and gold stars that I could for all of docs. When I was finished I had lunch at the restaurant that has my favorite dish in SF (tortellini gorgonzolaJ) The Mona Lisa, in North Beach. Which is also a great location for people watching on when sitting outside. And it was one of those perfect San Francisco days. So after a great meal and a little soaking of all of my favorite things about SF, I headed off to get the kids and start our SF date. We booked a hotel at the Best Western in Fisherman’s Warf and set off for Pier 39.
We took in a show and walked away with some very cool balloon animals. She got a very big flower and he got an airplane. Very cool. And then it was off to see the Sea Lions. This was a very fun time. The impressions that these kids do of a sea lion is quite impressive. As soon as I learn how to actually use my computer, I will show some video clip. As we walked around a little bit, stopping off to try on funny hats and play with puppets, we got hungry. We ate at the beautiful restaurant right above the sea lions. And there were very few people there. It was a really great meal. I have defiantly been eating all of the things that I love!!! After this we headed off to drive Akilean’s airplane into as many people as possible. Not our actual plan but what occurred just the same. Then we stopped off to see Ruben’s little sister Iran at work. And the kids, now armed with French fries and a milk shake, set off for the next part of the night.


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