30 Oranges for 20 pesos!!!

At the current exchange rate that is about $1.55!!!! That really made my day. It is just like my friend Jordan said... if we forcus fo the things that have been hard about making this transition, then all we think about are the things that are hard. But if youfocus on that parts that are great, wonderful, beyond what you could have hoped... then that is what you will think about. My walk home for the store with that days groceries was no exception. I could have been thinking about how much I hate to walk to the store in 95 degree heat everytime I need something, or I can be thrilled about the fact that (driving by my house, of course) was a couple of guys in a truck selling 30 oranges for 20 pesos. They were much greener then I am used to seeing oranges but they had their knifes out ready to sample and they were wonderful. As I started to buy my massive bag of oranges, Ruben yelled down the street (as is also trandition in our new home) and signaled to me that he had already bought a bag of oranges and although a great deal, 60 oranges is just too many oranges. I must say that our snacks these past few days have been really good.


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