Landing in Cancun

Now being that Ruben was already at the all-inclusive hotel- he had already had quite a few beers by the time he finally got a hold of me. I told him that our flight had gotten all changed around but that did not stick in his brain. So the next day while waiting at the airport at 10:30 waiting for me to get off the plane, standing with a huge bouquet for flowers, 11:00 came and went, then 11:30. At this point Ruben starts to get really worried. Mexicana could not find any of our names on the flight that we should have been on. They say that they cannot find me on any flight. So at this point Ruben starts to get really scared and by now is working with the top people for Mexicana Airlines in the Cancun airport, back in the back offices. By 3:00 they finally find my flight, I was coming off the airplane. I have to say, the first time you hit the heat it is so intense. And everyone was commenting on how cute Akilean was – he had like 3 or 4 women waiting on him hand and foot. It was really cute. And then…. I saw Ruben. I have never had so much stress and so much worry escape my mind so fast. It was so great. Of course it was a little bitter sweet because they would not let me go over to him. The kids were not supposed to go either, but there was absolutely no stopping them. They all swelled up with tears and hugged and kissed while I continued the sage of checking and stamping and forms and getting the papers for the cat. I finally got out to Ruben and it was incredible. It confirmed that no matter what, we need to be together. That if we were together, every other problem is only half as big.


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