Back from no where

Okay. so I literally dropped off the planet for a while. I took my niece and nephews back to San Francisco. When I went last time to get the kids it was much more a vacation for me.I hung with my friends, I ate food- I drank wine- and did other ton-o-fun things. But this time... Not so much.

By the time that I headed up to Portland I was already tired and really missing the fam. And I guess Akilean had a really hard time with me being gone. Lena was just fine- she loved being the lady of the house. But Akilean would cry a lot and at totally random times. It got to the point where even the teacher called in Ruben and asked him if everything was okay for us at home- or if we had split up because Akilean would start crying all of a sudden and he did not want to do anything in class or play with his friends. Ruben said he did not even want to eat. (Then again- Akilean LOVES my food!) Ruben told the teacher that I was in the states and would be home soon.

So here is the short version of the trip:
Friday- got to Portland had lunch with my dad and got to spend the afternoon and evening with a good friend of mine-

Sat & Sunday were spent at my dad's beach house with my brother and his kids and some friends. That was really great. This house is amazing and really peaceful and there is a possibility that we might lose it in this economy. Sort of sad really because I never really appreciated it as a kid but now---

Monday was the packing day. When I left I kept a bunch of stuff and got to go back and get it. It was like free shopping with stuff you already knew you liked. The car is packed with great fun stuff for the kids- beach toys and my art work! Finally I will have my art work. It is nothing to fancy but I love it. Ironic though because we bought a lot of art from Mexico- basic cheap street paintings but beautiful. We bought them at a little cantina and now we are bringing them to Mexico. jaja

Tuesday was all about my dump truck. Yes I have a dump truck. I know strange. But I do. Well this guy was helping me sell it and then just never returned my phone calls. Well in Mexico I could not really do anything but in the states I sent him a text message that I was on my way to report the truck stolen- 10 minutes later I got a call. This is still a sore point for me so I will talk about it another time.

Then it was off to Mexico. A very long drive. The car was still in my deceased grandma's name so I had to drive to SF- fill of the last few spots left with stuff- seriously- you should see this car- there is no room left for anything.

Then drive to Fresno and hope all goes well with the transfer. It is a probate thing and all sorts of difficult but it did get done so I am very happy about that. This was the first hurdle to crossing the boarder- It had to be in my name. Then it was off for another long drive to San Diego. I got to be with my mom which is like breathing for me. So that was great.

The the next hurdle was crossing the boarder and getting the permit. My mom and I emptied out a seat for her and drove to Tijuana where we first got the tourist card... CHECK. Then off to get the car permit. They did not even search my car or anything so that was cool. I had nothing to declare and they just asked what all the stuff was. I told them- my kids live in Mexico with their father and I am bringing some stuff for their rooms. On I went for my permit.

That process was pretty easy but mostly because we had done our research. Permit.... CHECK. Then my mom got me Mexican car insurance because USA insurance is not valid in MX. After a nice lunch and a farmacia stop we were off to wait in the long line to get back into the USA. It was not too bad of a wait.

But I cannot believe that how smooth it all went. I was very glad about that. So we booked Ruben and myself tickets so we could switch places. At this point Ruben and I decided that I would just do the drive myself. We do not have the money for tickets- but my mom vetoed that choice. But hey- she literally created my eye ball out of shit from her own body so she has that right.

So at this point I was off to meet Ruben- got to see him for a like 2 hours and then off again. Here is where the first and really only wrinkle with the car came in.

Ruben has the car and the sticker on the car and copies of all the paperwork- insurance both USA and MX, my IDs, our marriage cert, the copy of the paper that the sticker was attached to. Yeah- that last one... that was our problem. Even though I was told not to leave it in the car because in case my car gets stolen I would need that for my records-

He got all the way to Sonora and after about 5 hours the bitch at the boarder said that he needed the original?!?! What- you have the sticker on the front of the car and copies of everything. What a nightmare- so I was going to have to next day air this paper to him and he would have to sit and wait for me to get this done.

He drove back to TJ to see if he had better luck there. NOPE! The last option before me mailing this doc was for him to drive back to Sonora again and hope that lady was not there and that the other people were better to him. I sat in my house- just distraught waiting for his call. I just want my husband home!!!! I got the call that said he is past and on his way. YEAH!!!!

So now he is driving the very long drive through Mexico to come home to me and bring me- Officially now.... MY CAR! and all the shit I managed to jam into it.

Akilean is so happy I am home. He is at my side almost all of the time and keeps telling me how much he missed me while I was in the USA. And now the house is clean- which is really needed. I mean DAMN! But now it is done and life is getting back to normal.

Okay- that is the update. now I can write about fun stuff. I literally dropped the Internet planet for a while. There was no one I was with that had Internet. Which I was not expecting. Back to life.


Linda said...

Glad to hear everything well well in the end!

Isla Chica

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine why those silly officials give folks like you any trouble at the boarder!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Thanks Linda

Okay- not sure if this is my anonymous negative stalker from Texas or if I am just reading the comment wrong- but if this is you my mean spirited hateful little friend - if you are going to be negative and mean- at least do it with the correct facts- I did not have 1 single issue at the boarder. It was a perfectly easy experience.

If you are going to be an ass can you at least be accurate. Thanks.

PS- we still do not give a shit about your opinion so move on.

If this is one of my other wonderful anonymous comment readers and I just read the comment wrong- please forgive me.

Krystal said...

I have a million questions to ask you!! I'm preparing to load up and drive to Tlaxcala in November and I'm trying to figure out the car registration thing. Did you guys do the permanent registration?

P.S. Fabulous blog, we're in the beginning of the immigration process so I'm trying to do as much as possible before he goes south and I don't have his help, lol.

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