Bicentenial Celebrations have commenced!!!!

The bicentenial celebrations are in full swing here in Tulum.  Yesterday while picking up Akilean we were told that the costume that we had painted was going to  be in the parade that the kids were marching the next day.  Great I thought.  Ruben and I could both be here for the parade!  Of course there is a catch. Sfter the parade the kids are off for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. 

Now I new that Thursday was happeneing and almost 100% likely Friday, but Wednesday????? Well, Okay.  But wit?  What?  They are done at 9:00 on Tuesday!  WOW that is a celebration of Independance indeed.

The parade was really cute.  The costumes were really amazing.  All of the kids in the school looked adorable and I could tell that parents had worked really hard on these costumes.  Some had clearly worked very hard as some of the costumes did really look nice. 
I think Akilean was the cutest but I am sure that every mother says that.  There was a lot of work but not a lot of parade time.  Nor was the route something that was going to take them by many people. Oh well.  It was so cute none the less. 

Akilean looked so handsome and wore his mustache well.

This one is better in pictures!


Gloria said...

Great pictures and wonderful celebration. Viva Mexico!

Kristan said...

Too cute! His costume looks incredible. I can't believe it's paper! I have a two year old and of course I think h is so cute like every mom. But your children are gorgeous!!! I am serious!!! Viva México!

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Jaja...I have to laugh when you say you are surprised at what is happening next at school. As a teacher in Guaymas, I was continually surprised at the changes in schedules. I would get VERY frustrated when I was told I had to stay late - why didn't our principal tell us that the week before so we could plan accordingly?! And that's where I learned flexibility...and then quit teaching and came home.

Akilean's costume turned out very well and he looks adorable. Hope you're enjoying the celebrations and time with your kids!

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