Soaking up the good advice... and jasmine flowers.

Well first I must say that it has been a rough morning.  Last night I went to bed and was attacked by tabanos.  These tropical devils are the bain of my existence.  Mosquitoes are attracted to my husband. (like most other breathing species) but Tabanos- oh no- they feed on me. About 2 weeks ago I had a bad nights sleep and had several bites on my legs and was scratching all night. Then it happened again last night.

For me, a tabano bite is very clear- it welts up and is very large and in many cases will swell.  I was in misery last night.  I maybe slept for about 2 solid hours.  The rest was tossing and turning and scratching.  This morning while sweeping I found a dead tabano on the floor of my house.  Sweeping his lifeless little body into the dust pan, I could not help but wonder if he had dropped dead from exhaustion from biting me so many times.

On the flip side, as I write now I am smelling the wonderful aroma of fresh jasmine flowers.  My friend has been coming by in the morning before she heads to work.  She lives an hour and a half bus ride north of me and has been busing in every day for work.  She always brings me a little something.  A snippet of wild flowers, a j some coffee- random little things to bringten my morning.  At brighten in does.  The smell of these little beauties is amazing.  It reminds me that I really must plant some jasmine in my garden. 

Yesterdays post about my neighbor taking my bike was met by kind ears with lots of advice.  Even by the time I had sat back down to my computer I had already decided, Mindy, she is  your neighbor and friend- she needed to use it- so do not be mad anymore.  But lets set up some ground rules and boundaries.  Okay- no problem.  except that she has not brought back the bike yet?????

Yesterday when I took the kids to their ballet class I passed by where she works and she was not there- which did not surprise me- but then when I got home- the bike was not at my house and no one was at her house.  This sent me back into being annoyed. 

I think the way to deal with it is to get a lock like all have said and just kindly tell her- I understand that she needs to borrow my bike sometime but that it was a brand new bike and now has problems. I like to ride my bike- long bike rides for health and exercise.  So when the front wheel wobbles like it now does- that is a problem for me.  the seat is no longer attached in the back- that is a problem for me.  

I mean- I know that I am a go to girl for things on my street because I will very rarely say no- and why would I - people want to use my blender- fine- they do and bring it back- or my big pot to cook beans in- no problem- but these things have come back fast and in good condition- that is not the case with my bike.

Ahhh- the jasmine flower high is wearing off and I am geting upset again.  Breath- not a big deal- I just need to start laying some ground work.


Gloria said...

Take a deep breath.:) Heck I wouldn't lend my bike out, if I had one that is. If I bought a bike it would be for my own personal use. I'm not stingy but if I paid for it and took care of it and someone else abused it, I would definitely be where you are at right now. Just be truthful with her and tell her. I'm sorry about the bites. Ayeeee! They must hurt. Don't forget to enter my giveaway, it ends on Friday. Take care.

Calypso said...

Horse-flies are something we haven't seen (yet). We have horses close-by. Another insect to worry about - ugh!

Leah said...

Those bites sound horrible, is there any kind of repellent for the insect? Always wanted to visit Tulum, but since I am a magnet for all biting insects, I might have to rethink it.

Glad you settled on how to deal with the neighbor. :)

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

I can't believe she has wrecked your wheel and seat! I agree with the lock idea. And you should not feel guilty about it at all.

I also remember in Guaymas that a worker in our landlady's "compound" asked Mike if he could borrow his electric drill. Of course, Mike said okay, and the worker used an electrical outlet on the compound's casita. Well, the outlet "broke" and then one day while I was at work the worker asked Mike if he could use our electricity. (Even though the landlady’s daughter’s house was on the compound next to the casita and it has plenty of outlets.)

When I came home from school I saw the cord coming out of our door, the worker drilling, and I went sideways thinking about our electricity that had been used ALL day. And this went on for a couple of days!!! Finally the drilling was complete.

But where was the drill? The worker told Mike he had given it to our landlady’s 50-year old son who also lives on the compound. I went knocking on the son’s door and asked for the drill. He said he was still using it! Eventually we got the drill back and I’m happy to say it is safe and sound in Seattle.

Ritamg said...

You are so not being a bitch. I've had it with the "borrowing" of things. Besides having my makeup stolen recently by a Mexican friend, my love has allowed his work partner to borrow our truck. I bought (with my money) a 1998 F150 truck in Iowa and drove it back here in August. Not cool and I let him know it. It doesn't happen anymore.

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