Well, the German movie stuff went really well.  I got to work for 2 days and Lena 1 day- which is great.  I thought to myself- hey perfect. We made her tuition for next month.  And wouldn't that be great if that were actually the case.  One of the things that I hate about the schools here are the constant stream of crap that you have to buy ALL THE TIME.  There is always some project or homework or school activity that requires you to buy hundreds of pesos worth of crap. 

This has gotten so much worse as the bicentennial Independence day is coming around. There is always some flag that we have to buy or crepe flowers that we have to make or even better- a massive costume to construct and paint. 

I am so much more annoyed when I spend time and effort with my kids doing homework- cutting up special family photographs and destroying books and magazines to find certain images or words... only for them not to turn the damn thing in.  This is so infuriating.  (sadly I think I tortured my parents with this very same issue) I would work really hard, do a great job and then at the end of the month you would find all of the homework still in my notebook and my parents really confused about my bad grades.  Well- now Lena is doing it to me. 

And the thing that I hate the most is that I am the one who ends up looking like a total ass.  Here no one seems to tell you anything that is going on. They just have the kids relay information to the parents.  What to buy, when they are needed for extra hours or when there is no school at all. 

Do you know what happens when you give a 6 year old messages to pass along to their parents?  They forget or do not give the details always correctly.  I imagine that is because they told it to a 6 year old. And you know what really sucks... I look like an ass.  I am sick of being 5 steps behind and yet I am always doing something.

These are not always small projects either.  Akilean had to have a costume for his Independence day.  We had to buy 2 meters of bollio.  A soft paint-able fabric.  Once bought you need to paint it to look like what ever character he is playing.  Last year he was a monk of some kind and had to wear a garbage bag and rope and a white haired wig made from cotton balls.  Well- his hair already glows in the Mexican sun so we just did the garbage bag.  You can read that post HERE.   This year he needs to look like a zacateca or something.  Here is what he was needing to look like.  Simple right.  Facil.  And when I went to pick him up from school I was told.  Well, a bunch of us are doing it right now.  come and join us.  This is how it seems to work here.  Everyone just expects that you have nothing else to do and no where else to go.  Shockingly I never seem to be able to get much of my work done.  And now that I finally have a car I am missing my Netbook- the one thing that actually helped me to get my articles written.  And now it is gone and I am confined to my house to write and this is not a conducive place for writing about the peace of the Caribbean - but anyway.

So as we set all over Tulum to find the needed fabric of course it is all gone.  Because Tulum does not have a stock of anything.  So we head up to Playa to buy it.  Thank goodness we have a car and this was a option - otherwise he would have been SOL.  We told our friend Desire that we would visit her this weekend and she was going to help me paint the costume.  She is a wonderful artist and really made it wonderful.  Akilean even got to help as well.

He loves to paint.   I have also dicovered another love of Akilean's He has a strong love and a spark of natural talent for the guitar.  He has perfect finger movement and understands the idea of the strings already.  He was sitting at the chair strumming his guitar (well- Desires guitar) and a friend of Desires was very impressed with his strumming.  When I told him that was the first time he had ever picked up a guitar he was shocked.  He said that Akilean had a natural talent and Akilean loves the guitar so I have decided to take Akilean out of ballet and put him into guitar class.   He also did a great job painting his costume. 

He looks really cute in it. All we need now is a hat and to paint a mustache on him.  He will be so adorable in this.  Anyway.  I am off to take him to school and take the things that Lena forgot to take to her school and then meet with people and then ... an then and then. 

I know that it is just totally normal to feel like this.  I mean really... when are we ever caught up.  haha.  I just need to focus and stop getting stressed out- but that is really hard.


Chrissy y Keith said...

the idea of education varies from country to country. Our Daughter is teaching in Kenya right now and tells me that the teachers are only in the class room long enough to bark out the lesson, then they spend the rest of the day in the lounge. If the students have a question, they have to find their teacher. When she told the teachers that in America, the Teachers never leave the classroom, they laughed.

Calypso said...

The schools here in our area of Veracruz have a LOT of marching - no one will get out of school here without knowing how to close ranks and lead with your right foot.

A primary school right around the corner from us had supplied a LOT of marching drums to the kiddies. They have been working for weeks preparing for Thursday (I think a lot of it happens Thursday?).

And the BEAT goes on....

Leah Flinn said...

The costume is adorable. Sounds like you have a little artist on your hands. :-)

On Mexican Time said...

Ahhh...the life of a mom!!! I really don't know how you all do it!! I think my mom is GOD. She had 5 of us to take care of, who were all in sports, and school, and this and that! Yet still managed to look amazing, and keep a clean house... You gals all deserve HUGE rewards for this!!!

BTW - yay for making some moola, and Akileans outfit turned out SOOOO well!!!

Paula said...

the costume looks adorable....I can feel you pain when homeowrk gets done and not turned in...I think I had that happen to me a couple of times when you and your brothers were growing was especially frustrating when I would do an awesome science project, knowing you (I mean me) would get an A....but those sre the little things and the things that make us older Mom's smile when thinking back on those heppy wondrful times when you guys were you honey

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