I as not sure why I take such pride in my home but sitting in a clean house- especially one that is staged is one of my greatest joys.  Perhaps that because as a mom - with kids this look is very rare.  jaja.    But yesterday Ruben got home and we got right to work getting the house put together.  Piece by piece we got the kids larger items set up. 

The first area to get set was la area de los ninos. - the kids area.   We set up their little table and a little tent and now they have their very own space in the house. The have their videos, their Wii (which I am very impressed they do not play as often as I thought they would try) and their table to work and eat. It is a great little area.  Lena wants me to put up a curtain so they can close it and have their space.

The bedroom looks great.  Lena has her vanity so she can sit and do her hair and what not. She is so cute.  And  her doll house.  This doll house was her 4th birthday present and it is so cool.  The colors and drawings are amazing and the furniture is sturdy and very cute.  I was so surprised at how inexpensive the house was.  I would have expected a higher price then the $70 we paid.  Akilean and Lena have already had a great time playing with it.  And I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be many little girls here today to play with it. 

And although we got a lot done yesterday and the house looks great- we still have our "to do" pile.  It looks a lot worse then it is.  Most of it is clean cloths that need to be put away and there is a very large black bag that is actually my friends from another small town that I will take to her. 

Last night after we staged the house a bit and got it picked up, we sat down and enjoyed a bottle of wine that my dad had sent down with me.  It was a wonderful bottle.  Evans and Tate, Shiraz.  It was made so much better by the face that it was drank out of our old wine glasses from the states that I was able to bring down.  I think we will have much better luck keeping these from breaking because of the wonderful shelf with wine rack that Ruben built me. He is such a wonderful and handy husband. 

We sat in our living room and enjoyed the wine while simply looking around our house.  I cannot wait to get my art work up and enjoy it even more.  The garden is also looking amazing.  There are several papayas that are growing very well and there has even appeared a flower on my bougainvillea.  This plant has not flowered in over a year after its initial flowering.  But I have heard that is normal.  I do hope that it begins to bloom.  It will create the most beautiful little "flower house" under the arbor that Ruben built me last year.  All of the other plants have grown to the point of being as high as the fence and are filling in and blocking the view from the street. 

In other news - I am so happy about the books that we got for the kids.  I say we- meaning all of the wonderful people who were kind enough to help us pay for these amazing books.  They were pretty expensive but have proven their worth already.  Last week Lena was learning about Nouns, or sustantivos in Spanish, and we grabbed the grammar volume and looked up the page about sustantivos.  It gave a wonderful lesson that balanced nicely with the one that Lena got in school. Thank you again to everyone who helped with these book.  It was beyond kind of you. 

I love her school so much.  I have decided that I am going to have a sale of all of my old cloths.  I have some beautiful cloths that are from the United States that simply do not work for my life here. Here they are just going to get destroyed.  So I decided that I would take photos and have a sort of internet garage sale to raise money for her tuition. My mom will be here next month for my birthday and she will take the items home and mail them.  Stay tuned- this should be sometime in the next week.  Once it is up - please let anyone that you think might like them about my sale.  I was going to sell the kids old cloths as well but have decided that there are too many mothers here that are in need of kids cloths and unable to buy them.  So it makes more sense to share those with them. 

I think it will be a great success.  The cloths that I owned in the states are very nice and perfect for the office.  But here- they are just bin fillers.  jaja. 


On Mexican Time said...

Great idea about selling some of your clothes from back "home"!! I have WAY too many things here aswell that I just can't use, oh and my shoes!!!! Can't wear high heels on these streets....jajaja

The house looks great!!

Also, glad you got to enjoy a nice bottle of vino with your hubby!

Anonymous said...

Books are the most wonderful things a child can love!!!

Isla Chica

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