Acting Debut

Yesterday was a day full of wonderful surprises. 1st - Ruben and I drove around doing all of the little things that we needed to get done.  We paid our rent, our bills and Lena's tuition and then drove over to our land that still sits as a little piece of jungle.  While picking up Akilean we were told that tomorrow (today) there was going to be a field trip to the planetarium that has has been set up in the main square.  It is a tiny little thing on the top of a half semi truck but amazing just the same- especially in the eyes of a child. 

Ruben and I had already decided that we were going to take both of the kids on Friday when it opens to the public.  But Akilean's school had been given 40 passes for the kids to attend.  We had already signed up and paid the 5 pesos for Akilean when I had the obvious idea that we should let one of the other students go whose parents might not be taking them because we knew that Akilean was going to be going anyway.  We gave up his spot and were told that he should not come to school tomorrow because the kids that were going would be gone and the rest of the kids would not have school.  - okay no worries.

So we went home to complete the rest of what we do- laundry- homework- playing with friends- you know.. the norm.  Ruben was running a little late to catch the bus for work down to the beach so I said.. "hey love, do you want us to give you a ride?"  I love saying that.  Since we were going to be there anyway the kids and I grabbed our suits and spent about 1 hour on the beach.  It was wonderful.  No need to spend the whole day or hours- just a little play time in the waves before heading back home.  It was perfect.

After doing homework we were greeted by a wonderful surprise.  My good friend Desire and her daughter were in town from Puerto Morelos and came by to see us.  We were having a wonderful evening when we heard a man;s voice at the door. 

It was my good friend Carlos.  He had been trying to get a hold of me all day but alas- my phone was in the bag that was stolen and here- you do not get your number back.  So he tracked me down to tell me the news that Dream's, a large all inclusive hotel chain, really wanted Lena for a promotional video that they were shooting. 

It pays 500 pesos, which is awesome considering her tuition is 1500 pesos and is already difficult to meet.  They also wanted Ruben but unfortunately he has to work and cannot get out of it.  But Lena gets to have her acting debut. 

She is so unbelievably excited.  I am not a fan of her missing school and this new school is not like her old one of- whatever- bring her or no- no importa.  This school is  very serious about her education and I love that.  BUT... she would have to miss a day.  I went this morning while dropping off the other little girl that we take to school and talked with her teacher.  I told her that I am so sorry that Lena would not be at school today and explained why.  I can do all of the work and lessons with her in the house and would gladly do more but I really want Lena to have this opportunity. 

Not only is it a chance for her to earn 1/3 of her tuition in a day but what an experience.  She is so in love with performing and does so all the time but now she gets to do it  .. shall we say.. for real. 

As a theater major in college and someone who has been acting since about the same age as Lena, I am so happy for her.  For 1 there is the money that she will earn today towards her school which is wonderful, but there is also the opportunity for so much more.  But even if it never goes anywhere and she never does it again... what an amazing experience for her.  I know that she is going to have a great time today and I get to go with her and Akilean will be with me.  As luck would have it he does not have school today. 

I am eager to see how the whole thing plays out and to see the final video.  I am so proud of my little girl and I am so happy she gets to have this experience. Now that I am armed with a camera I will take a ton of photos of my sweet heart in her debut and know that we all have a good time watching her. 

I look forward to sharing the pics and the experience with my friends and family and all of my readers.  Have a great day.


Steve Cotton said...

Nothing like that first moment in front of the camera. And for pesos. Congratulations!

Leah Flinn said...

What a great opportunity! Felicidades! :-)

Paula said...

can't wait to hear all about it

Chrissy y Keith said...

Wow, thatis great news. I cannot wait to read all about it.

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