An early morning in Mexico

Any one with school aged kids is used to the early morning routine in Mexico.   Now I cannot speak for other areas in Mexico but here in Tulum, the mornings are pretty much always the same. Upon leaving the house at 6:45 and heading to town for school- the first glance you have at the day - after the bottom of your coffee cup... is .. you guessed it....

garbage cans spilled all over the street with their treasures spread out for all to see.  Here there are many street dogs and street cats and they just love to go treasure hunting in the evenings. And as my fellow Latin American Blogger Viva Veracruz wrote about yesterday... many of these dogs are not your typical strays but once loved puppies that have been slowly cast to the streets to fend for themselves. 

Anyway.  So spilled our garbage can was.  But this was not entirely unexpected because we had a real treat in there for them last night.

Ruben has taken up spear fishing and has caught a number of things, has lost a number of fish and hooks  and has caught some stuff that I will not clean and cook- like the eel.  Well, yesterday the water in the sea was UNREAL- it was so calm and crystal clear.  He caught 2 beautiful parrot fish.  Large and really yummy.  It was not until later that we found out that these particular fish have just recently started being protected.  Opps- but know we know.  Fishing is a learning curve here.

So we had that for dinner and the remains I am sure acted as a beacon in the sky to the all of the cats in the neighborhood. 

But even after this more frequent the desirable scene in the one that continues in town.  The streets are filled with students all in the various colors of uniforms heading off to class.  The fishermen can all be seen at the various taco stands around town and are getting ready to catch the bounty of the Caribbean. 

In this small touristy town this time is particularly cool to me because it is before all of the tourists have even thought to go to town and even a little before the regular morning scene of Tulum Avenue begins.  When I take Akilean to school at 8:30 the scene has already changed a great deal. 


There is something so constant about living in a community like this one. 


Steve Cotton said...

That is one of the things I love about Mexico -- the rhythm of the morning.

Ritamg said...

I've been feeding Gordy, the skinny dog of the street. I feel so sorry for him so I couldn't help myself. I've asked myself the question, "Was he once a puppy that was loved by someone?"

On Mexican Time said...

WOW - that fish is beautiful! What nice colours!!! Yes, we live and learn!!

I am loving this time of year in Cancun... The temp is perfect, and there aren't tourists on every corner!! LOL!! Don't get me wrong, I want the tourists to keep on coming, but just a nice break for a bit!!!

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