A hurricane! 200 Years of Independance and 100 years since the Revolution!

Well, there is no getting around it.  It has been a party mood around Tulum for a the past week.  Yesterday (the 16th of Sept.) marked the 100 year anniversary of Mexico's revolution and the 200 year anniversary of Mexico's Independence from Spain! 

There were parties, fairs, parades and festivities everywhere.  The kids and I spent the first part of the day on the 15th on the Yaaj-Ximbal tour. It was wonderful as always.  A 4x4 trip through the jungle were we all got bounced around the back of the cars while we flew over rocks and trees in the middle of the jungle. 

I do really miss working for this company but alas- I have my family to take car of.  Not that I am complaining- other then the increase of funds- I much prefer staying at home with my kids.  the kids loved the zip line- like always.  They are so crazy.  We had a good group of people we were with and all had a great time.

The new cenote/ cave that they go in is amazing.  I really enjoyed it.  And I was really impressed with the fact that the kids were not scared.  I mean- being deep in a cave can be sort of scary for some kids but not my little adventure seekers.  Poor little Akilean did get pretty cold thought.  I cannot imagine why?  He has so much meat  on his bones.(dripping with sarcasm)  jajaja.  He eats a ton and yet still has this body that is just soooooo skinny.  He has the same build as my brother Ryan and my Uncle Brad. There is nothing that will change it- he is a slender kid.

Lena on the other had got my and Ruben's build. Ruben is one of those really broad shoulder guys with a lot of muscles. He is the sort of guy that would never be able to stretch his arms straight above his head because his shoulder muscles are too big. I love this build in my husband.  I have always had a short build and even when I danced between a little chunky or really skinny- I still had what was then referred to as "soccer legs."  This usually meant short- very strong muscular legs- especially thighs.  It was something that i hated then but love now.  Since I have no upper body strength and now less since my severe hand injuries- I used to do everything with my legs.  I used to move massive pieces of furniture with legs when I wanted to rearrange my house.  Ruben was amazed on what a short 100 lbs chick could get accomplished while he was at work- especially since I had NO arm ability. 

Anyway.  Lena was blessed with this solid frame.  People are often amazed when they pick her up.  She is still slender but packs some serious weight in her muscles.   When I told her into the cenote- she confirmed for me my belief that she will take a strong interest in Scuba diving.  At only 6 years old she begged me to take off her life jacket and let her explore under the water more. 

She is a born water baby.  She has loved the bath, pools and the sea and will spend HOURS in anyone of them.  I often tell people that Akilean will be my  fire dancing, acro-yoga instructor and Lena will be a scuba instructor or kite boarder.  They are both showing more and more of their personalities and I love watching them.

After the fun day on the tour we headed home for a quick nap and then off to the party at Lena's school.  Well, you would think that the party would be there- since there was a note and a big deal about everyone had to come to the event at the school.  So you can imagine our annoyance when we got to the school and there was nothing.  No note of cancellation- and certainly no party. Oh well-

We spent the evening at the "fair" and let the kids go on the bumper cars and bought them a toy.  There are very few rides here and they are either for babies or they are for adults.  So we bought them a toy instead. 

We stood in the centro and ate all of our favorite snacks and watched all of the talented performers on the new permanent stage that has just been built.  It was a wonderful time.  We then headed out to a friends house for a little party and went swimming at midnight!  It was a wonderful day. 


Gloria said...

Oh wow, what a blast! The kids really looked like they were enjoying themselves. How did that car get like that? When Mexico celebrates it does it in a big way. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Ritamg said...

I loved hearing about your kids. You have a perfect family!

On Mexican Time said...

Mindy - your kiddies are too cute! I love the last pic, especially with their painted faces!! Nice touch!!

Also, I hear you on the "soccer legs". I too have them, always have, and apparently always will...unfortunately, I have not grown to looove them yet, but I think I'm liking them more! Haha!!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Gloris- The kids have a blast! They especially loved the car on such a tilt. This is 1 of my favorite parts of driving the tour- we put the cars in some crazy situations and it scares the tourists to death- jaja

Ritmag- thank you so much- that is a really nice thing to say.

OMT- my ex hubby actually poken at the area beneth my hip and said "what is that, that is not your hip? I have never dated a girl that had that before."

Instead of killing him- I kicked him in the head and said that was what it was for. jaja (not really but in my mind)

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful family!
Love your Blog.It comes from your heart!

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