The start of a new year.

Just as I love Monday's as the start to a fresh new week, I love the start of a new school year. Especially this year. It is sort of like a family new year's opportunity. We get to set up a new schedule and life after a fun filled Summer. And in this case a crazy few weeks to the end of August.

I am one of those people that really cannot function in a dirty home. I certainly cannot work in one. When I came home from my trip to the states the house was in serious need of a deep clean. Just time for that anyway this time of year. And with Ruben gone and driving such a long distance - I need to keep my mind focused on something else. Now that even my light switches have been cleaned and disinfected I can think again.

The kids are getting back into the school program with ease. Lena really loves her new school and that is so worth the money that we will have to come up with for the tuition. She has a music class which is so wonderful, a class in English - which for her is going to be very easy and she is learning more about religion and God which I like and Ruben as a Mexican Catholic just loves.

The other night she comes to me and says that she learned a prayer in school and wanted to show me. When she was finished she asked if I pray.I told her that I did in more ways then one. This really got her attention. I have already taught my kids that there are many ways to think of religion and god and many ways to celebrate it. She already meditates with me which I really love. Meditation is my personal reflection time. When I get to focus on myself and my mind and not because of any religious doctrine of how I should behave. I love to garden and have taught Lena and Akilean that that is one of the many ways that we can thank Mother Earth for her many blessings- and the kids really love helping her fairies help the planet grow. And now we have added a more traditional evening prayer before bed.

The kids make the sign of the cross and then tell God what they are thankful for and things they wish to ask for. Things like keeping daddy safe and not drive to fast and thanking God for our family and house and for Akilean - that I am home and can kiss him. :) I loved that one.

I was so proud to hear the things that they said. They really seem to understand that this is not a wish list from Santa and that the things we ask for are not material. Kids have such a special energy and light. It is easy to forget sometimes when you are yelling at them to brush their teeth or stop jumping on the bed.

The kids have been sleeping with me while Ruben is away which makes for a very tight squeeze with 3 people in a double bed - and little warm for my ideal night but hey- I have 2 living teddy bears to snuggle with. I woke up around 4 to a kiss on the forehead from Lena. - Not a bad midnight treat.

So far the school year is off to a great start. The kids love a schedule and thrive on one. When we are on schedule- the lunches and dinners are better, the uniforms are clean and ready and there is no- oh- I forgot to do 1 piece of homework. I am really loving it and I know when we get the car here in a few days it will get even better.

Ruben should be home hopefully late Friday evening. When he stopped off in Guanajuato to see his grandmother and great grandfather- he ended spending the whole day there as it is clear that his great grandfather will pass away sometime in the next week. He has stopped eating and is in a great deal of pain. I do not hear Ruben upset very often but he is taking the hit pretty hard.

Also is grandmother Elena (the woman that we named Kennedy Elena after) is also not doing well. She is much older and is by herself. The family that is in town does not visit or help as often as Ruben would like to see. She recently fell down the stairs and cannot move well. He stayed and did a number of things for her. I told him that he could stay longer if wanted but he unfortunately has to be back at work for a wedding on Saturday morning. I am glad that he at least got to spend one day there.

Soon he will be home and everything will be perfect. I miss him so much a there is a huge hole in our family with him not here. Soon- he will be home soon. (this has been my mantra the past few days!)


Steve Cotton said...

There was a good reason Jesus told his disciples to become like children to learn the joys of faith. It seems to come far more naturally to them than to we adults who pretend we are in charge of everything. Very nice post.

Steve Cotton said...

I forgot to mention, you should have stopped by while you were in Portland. But your time was rushed. Nice to see you back in Mexico -- where I belong.

On Mexican Time said...

Wow - I must be missing a lot! Where is your hubby working now?? must miss him a lot!!! Oh well, glad your kids are loving their new school, and having a blast!!

Chrissy y Keith said...

It's great for the kids to get a good foundation in Christ. The power and comfort that it provides will see them through life. Glad that your man will be home soon. I am like you. I can do it alone, just dont want to. Ever.

Amanda said...

I love the idea of letting them give thanks and wishing. Its also a good time for you to see where they are in their thinking. The other night we were doing the same and counting our blessings. My five year old thanked God that she would be getting a new baby brother for Christmas. I thought that was so sweet of her to think of. Kids are so great.

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