Crying in the airport

Okay. So I got all the kids to San Francsico after another very uncofortable night on the Mexico City airport floor. Once we got to San Francsico no one picked us up at the airport so we took the Bart and then a cab. I must say that I was a little suprised that no one picked us up. I mean we are talking over 4 cars that could have come and no one adjusted their schedules to come and pick up their kids from the airport then had just been gone a month?!?!? I mean, I have no problem taking the Bart but I was just a little suprised.

I went and dropped off the kids at grandma's house and left to go find some of my friends. Ruben called me later and said how his sisters were talking smack about how I am not haning out with them. I have decided to completly let this go. I mean- they were not at the house until after 7- there were no arangemnts to have a dinner or any sort of hang out- we did not even get picked up at the airport?!?! I have learned that I will talked about no matter what.

I love his sisters and his mom- hiw whole family- I really like them and I know that they like me. But this is one of those cultural expereince influenced by intence tella novellas. The same is true for my friend who lives in Oxkutzcab. Mexican women LOVE to gossip. Now this is true of many types of women in every culture but oooohhhhh Nelly do the ladies in this family love to gossip. It was pretty funny because when I was in town last time - I made no hide of the fact that I was going to be spening time with my friends. And when I saw his sisters they kepts saying- "yeah you have been partying and having fun." now while that is true- I know that their idea of the sort of parting I would be doing is the sort that used to do years ago. Not so much anymore. I really do not care but it just seems funny. If they knew me better they would understand the sort of things that I do for fun. Most of it revolves around food! jaja

But after I let my husbands comments slide off my back I got back to missing him so much. I am so much more emotional about being away from him this time then I was last month when I was gone. I think that it is becuase last trip was so fast- it was fly to SF - ng out withe my friends and fly home. This time it is so much more involved and stressfull. I am about to fly to Portland then I have so much work to do in Portland and running around and then I have to drive down to San Diego and do the whole baorder pass process. Should be interesting.

I am sitting here in the airport and I was writting a message to my husband and I jsut could not stop a few tears from rolling out of my eyes. I am sure that getting my period has something to do with it. I am so madly in love with my husband. When we first met I explained to him how I felt when he came into the room. I got a little jump in my stomach every time he came into the room. That sort of "hhhaa- there he is." feeling. Several years later I told him- you still make me jump inside when I see you. it still happens after all of these years. Sorry- this is a sort of random and emotional post but I am a random and emotional sort of gal.

On the flip side I did find some scores in San Francsico. There is this store- Forever 21 and it is full of cute cheap cloths. They had timy almost underware style tanktops for $2.50!!! In all sorts of colors. These a the shirts that I would wear EVEYDAY! So that made me very happy. I also found 2 beautiful long summer dresses for $6. and I am so broke so that made me very happy.

Anyway. I am going to see if I can track down my hubby on facebook or something. I am such a mess right now.


Amanda said...

I |think its so cool that you still miss him so much after many years. Thats the way things should be. So sorry your trip is not going the best though, I hope things start looking up for you really soon.

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