An interesting opportunity

I had an interesting opportunity yesterday.  I was walking with the kids to get Lena's skirt for her uniform made when I passed a man that Ruben and I met when we first moved Tulum.  he has a newspaper that is one of the best in TUlum.  There are a few papers but they cover a lot of the murder- cartel-  car crash sort of stuff.  This newspaper is more about Tulum.  The stories and events that are happening right here in this community rather then the Rivera Maya or Quintana Roo. 

They are looking to open a social section of the newspaper and want me to cover the events and write the articles.  I am really excited about it.  For 1 I really love working.  But I simply cannot nor do I want to do it like I was in the states.  With kids in school here - I need to have a flexible job because there is nothing very scheduled about the kids schools.  Plus- I really like having so much time with my kids.  But need some more structure. 

I am a stage manager in the theater.  The idea of a plan of no plan is totally against my nature but I am getting into it.  But I like getting up early and having a reason and schedule to my morning.  Then the rest of the day can relax.  I was never really one of those sleep in late people.  Even in my really crazy party days in SF.  I would go to bed at 4 and wake up by 9.  Then again I was in my 20's.  That magical age when you can do anything to your body and it totally works with you.  Not so much anymore and I felt that when I slept in the Mexico City airport. I slept in train station after station and park benches when I was in Europe- not so much anymore.

I cannot tell you how great it feels to be back on our feet again.  We are all moving around again which is great.  I took the kids to the beach yesterday and that was great.  The water was perfectly clear and felt magical to be in.  It was great. 

Even when we are dealing with all of the bad about living here- we get to go swimming at the beach and we remember- oh yeah- this is worth it. Or when we walk around town day or not and know dozens of people.  I love going to Don Cafetos because almost every day there are several tables with my friends at it.  it is great. 

And soon to have a car.... I cannot even imagine the difference that will make in my life.  Anyway.  back to life, back to reality! 


Leslie Limon said...

What a great opportunity! That sounds like a really good job for you. I hope it all works out.

And I hear ya on needing some structure to your day. One more week, and we return to our regular, hectic schedules! :)

I'm so glad that everyone is feeling better! Did you ever figure out what you all had?

Steve Cotton said...

Structure is highly over-rated -- says the anal attorney.

On Mexican Time said...

yes, sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Congrats amiga!! At least you have choices and options, right??!!

Also, a car...I hope and pray for you guys that you get one soon. You really deserve it!

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