The family is here

After such a great time in San Francisco, I am so very glad that the visit with my family has been equally as wonderful.  We miss them all so much and really wish that we could see them all more.  My kids do not have any family in Mexico so to have their cousins here and visiting for a whole month has been really great.

We have had to balance with days at the beach and at cenotes and the laguna with days in the house.  For one the taxis to do things every day just gets too expensive but also- we need to give the kids a bit of a break.  They are not used to such high temps and humidity in SF.

We went to the beach the other day and it was so very cool.  The kids all ran in to the water- except of course Akilean who will forever it seems be a land guy.  Anyway- he went off to play in the sand and about 30 minutes later came back and said "mommy, mommy, come into my space ship."  It was crazy- he had built this wonderful 3-d space ship in the sand.

There were levers and buttons, and he built a seat for me.  It was so cute, he opened my imaginary door and let me into his ship, then after carefully getting in himself proceeded with many sounds, and motions with his levers and off we flew around the beach for a while.  He flew me back to SF so we could say hi. Then we flew to Oregon so he could say hi to his cousins. 

It did not take long for all of the kids to catch onto the idea and soon there were HUGE sand ships being built with the most creative of functions and whistles.  It was great.  I have never seen such great creativity!!!!

Later in the week we looked up our names meanings on the computer- that gave a good time.  We found out that Calvin means Bald- which is funny because Calvin is anything but bald.  My niece is Dark skinned and innocent lamb which was perfect for her.  And strangely - my nephews name means Protector and his other name means protector of all mankind.

Lena loves her story about how Helena was the most beautiful woman in the world and how she was kidnapped and how her kidnapping led to the Trojan War and one of the greatest warriors from that war was Achilles.  She just loves that story!  It was  a fun afternoon.

We have been making giant soap bubbles, playing Wi, playing in the park and BBQing hot dogs.  It was been a really great trip so far. 

I took off one night and left the kids with Ruben and went out with a friend of mine.  There were some great groups playing at a new spot in town and it was a great time.  We are going to take Cesar out for a bite and some drinks on Friday.  It is his birthday and this is the first one he will have around family in over 5 years.  So that will be fun!

The kids left yesterday to go visit some family in Guanajuato for a week and then they will be back here before heading up to SF again. 

If all goes well I will be bringing my car down from the USA which is good because being here without  car is very difficult and much more expensive then it needs to be.

Anyway.  There is the update.  Lena is not feeling well so I am going to go snuggle with her on the sofa and watch movies. 


Amanda said...

Wow this all sounds like so much fun, and very busy. You are going to beat once you have your home back to normal. ;)

Steve Cotton said...

Tell your son: if he flew his space ship up here to Oregon today, he would have had a perfect summer day.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I love the perfect Summer days in Oregon. I remember trying to explain to people what the purpose of sitting through months and months of rain. And that in the summer on those perfect days---there is no place better on God's Earth then the Pacific Northwest.

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