Wish Lists

The comment that Steve left on the previous post about prefect Summer Days got me thinking about flying space ships. And by the way, if you have never been in the Pacific Northwest and gotten to enjoy a perfect summer day... you simply have not lived! One of the best places in the world and I have been to many many places in the world.  And currently live among the best beaches in the world!  So I know pretty landscapes

But anyway, Lately in general, I have been thinking a lot about wish list.  I have been making a lot of wish lists lately.  I made 1 at the Temezcal for myself on ways that I want to improve my life and my relationships.  It is all going very well.  It is nice to be so happy.  I know that this marriage will be a wave just like every relationship but I am really enjoying a new place that we have gotten to in trust and communication and just being and showing that we are happy.  It is really nice.  Learning from our past fight and just dropping the stupid stuff sooner.  I am really enjoying the roller coaster right now. 

I must say- this is a fantastic morning.   The kids are still fast asleep and the birds are chirping, the morning sun is out and hits my backyard Mango wall perfectly... and I have coffee.  This has not happened in a long time so I am inclined to just write a bit.  Not sure what will come of it.  The coffee is the biggest part of the equation.  I did not have it yesterday and I had a horrible headache in the afternoon.  Yes yes I know, I am clearly addicted to caffeine.  But if drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day is among my biggest vices- I am totally okay with that. 

So back to perfect summer day's.  One clear memory that I have of a perfect summer day was on the coast of Oregon.  On the perfect 4th of July holiday it was amazing to be out there with my whole family.  The little town of Lincoln City was packed with people and the beaches were full of kites.

I have never seen so many kites.  Just off my dad's docks on the beach house were several wind tunnels of bright colors twisting like crazy and strange animals.  It was fantastic.  I cannot wait to go and get some great kites for the kids.  I had found some once in Fresno while visiting my grandma but they fell apart pretty quick. 

Kite boarding is such a huge sport here because we have the perfect conditions for kites.  This is one of the things on the wish list.  I am going to get the kids really well made and sturdy kites.  There are not too many toys that you can bring to the beach - and there is only so much time you can play in the water. So a kite is perfect. 

My wish list is ever growing and shrinking depending on my mood- 1 day it is no problem to hang my cloths on the line- then others it is a nightmare or has ruined the  cloths- its a toss up on everything- everywhere - so pretty much the same,  I am really trying to move forward on our small piece of land.  We are going to build to VERY SKINNY t- 3 story townhouses. 1 to live in and 1 to rent.  eventually rent both.  But first we need to get it through the phases. 

But that is my big want- to get my house to 1st level walls and roof.  So- I guess I should go draw my house plans- later all!


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