I feel like I am dying

It started a little over a week and a half ago when my niece did not feel well.  Then on Sunday, Lena was feeling pretty lousy.  We had taken all of the kids to the Coba ruins for the day (free for Mexicans on Sundays!!!) and about half way through our journey- Lena was feeling pretty bad.  She did not want to climb the pyramid.  Probably a good thing because it is really steep and worn.  Beautiful views of the jungle and the ruin site but if you are dizzy no way.  So I stayed at the bottom with her.  Just as the rest of the fam was at the top it started to rain.

Lena got really excited because I told her the rain god heard that she was burning up and brought her some refreshing rain to cool her off.  A light rain just for her.  That made her feel a little better.  We are quite the rain loving family.  Anyway.  Later that day we went to her favorite Cenote.  She got in for a little while and played but as soon as she remembered how horrible she felt- she just wanted to sit on the out side and watch. 

We all headed home and just relaxed.  Once we took the nieces and nephews to the airport to visit some family in Guanajuato, Lena was in need of some serious mommy time.  She cuddled up with me and we watched movies and rested for the next few days. 

So then... like clockwork... Thursday night both Ruben and I start to feel a little less then great.  By the morning- I was racked.  I have not been this sick - or felt it so much throughout my body in years.  I have had other illnesses that were more sever but this is one that I can feel in every cranny of my body.  I was unable to even get out of bed yesterday.  The kids mostly stayed in my room or played on the computer.   About noon I was sent a little angle.

My friend Desiree came through the door and ordered me into the shower to cool off- by now my temp had climbed to 102 and was showing no sign of stopping.   After my shower she put me back in bed, picked up my living room and kitchen and made lunch for the kids.  I do not know what I would have done without her.  My head was pounding so hard and still is.  Then she made me  drink a shot glass of NyQuil and sent me to me room. 

God bless her.  Around 5 I vaguely remember Ruben lying next to me and then that was it.  I feel so bad for Ruben.  He felt pretty horrible all day too but was at work.  Yesterday evening, Akilean had his fever and symptoms.  There is just not enough time for us all to be sick at once.  Who is going to take care of who.?

Yesterday when I was crying for my mom, Lena was behind me stroking my back saying, "I miss grandma too. she will be here to visit soon mommy, Don't worry"  It was so adorable.  If anything was going to make me feel better- that came the closest. We spent last night sweating, fighting over the fan- we only have 1 now and having a fever in extreme heat sucks. On cold days in the winters of Oregon- I could get on board.  Get some tea- sit with the fire on and all cuddled up- watch some movies.  But in this heat with no way to stay cool... yeah that sucks. 

Well, I am back off to bed.  I just got up to get some tea and toast.  I have not eaten anything for quite a while now and I think my head is showing it.  time to go fight the hubby for the fan. jaja


Anonymous said...

Hope, you feel better soon...
your long time reader.

Sunshine said...

Oh goodness, hope your feeling better by now. Hugs to you mama...ALBACHA TEA....drink some a few times a day. It will work wonders.
Let us know when your better...and what do you think it is? The flu? hugsssssss

Leslie Limon said...

Oh no! How terrible! I wish you all a speedy recovery. (((Hugs!)))

Anonymous said...

sorry that you are feeling so miserable. is there any chance you might have dengue fever? i hope not but you sound as miserable as if you do have it. i'm just confused about one thing. usually when you have a fever, you get chilled, so why would you need the fan? just curious. i hope yo all feel better soon.

teresa in lake stevens

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Thanks for all of the good wishes. We are far less then ideal but on the upward swing.

Anon- 1- Thanks for reading- and commenting.

Sunshine- I have never heard of that tea. I will have to get some. I am pretty sure it is just your basic head cold.

Leslie- Thanks- I have been browsing your cooking site for some good soups.

ANon 2- Luckily not Dengue thank goodness. We were worried for a bit with Lena. Here it is so hot that we need a fan no matter what. With the fever- even when you get the chills- you need a sheet to break the wind but need the fan on too! the misery of a tropical cold. Thanks again for the good wishes.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're all doing better. thanks for answering my question about the fan. now i understand.

have a great day!

teresa in lake stevens

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