Feeling Better

Enjoy the pics- Cesar let me borrow his old camera.

Hey Everyone. I have the greatest news in the world!!!! We are all better.  All of us.  We still have a lingering cough but hey- after these past few weeks I will take the cough.  Plus it is just the body's way of getting all the remaining stuff in our bodies out- and I am okay with that. 

Okay- so we are off today to get the skirt for Lena's school uniform.  I love that they all wear uniforms here.  It literally eliminates the whole- what am I going to wear to school question. Lena gets to decide what she wears when she plays with her friends (with my Veto power- no party dresses to the park.)  Akilean hardly wears anything but a pair of shorts and undies.  I cannot keep shoes or a shirt on that kid to save my life.  He is such a Tulum kid.  he is going to be my acro -yoga instructor with long hair- always with his shirt off and fire dancing in the evenings. jajaja.  Then there is Lena who I have a funny feeling will be some sort of paddle board or kite boarding instructor.  Possible scuba diving but I think boarding.  

They are both growing up so fast.  Lena finally got her ears pierced a while back.  Well I finally let her change her earrings.  Her Tia gave her a pair of earrings when she was born but her earrings never worked out as a baby. With my hands in those stupid casts I could not take care of earrings.  So she finally got to put in her little angle earrings.  Ruben was thrilled that I still had them. 

We made the kids chore charts yesterday.  I am done buying ice creams and treats all day long.  It really adds up.  So I told the kids that I will buy them an ice cream when we pick up Lena from school.  It is right next to our favorite helado place and the park in town so they can play a bit.  But after that.  Once we get home.... NO MAS! 

They  now have their chore charts and they can earn up to 5 pesos a day.  The jobs are pretty simple.  They are in 5 groups. 
1) eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, wash face and hands, put on uniform, pack backpack
2) take off uniform and put away, put books on table, wash lunch dishes
3) Do homework, read in Spanish for 20 min. out loud, read 20 min. in English out loud
4) pick up and organize toys  AKILEAN: pick up garbage around house, clear table and scrape dishes after dinner  LENA: wash plates from dinner, sweep bedroom
5) take a shower, brush teeth and hair, pack backpack, get uniform ready
That is not bad.  They have been doing their own laundry for a long while now.  That is my latest- I will separate all of the laundry into 5 piles- each kid- hubby - me and the sheets and towels.   My pile is by far the smallest- my cloths are small and there are very few of them. And I will do the family stuff- but come on- The kids can do their own- you want to change 100 times  a day- fine- but I am not folding your cloths. 

So I am having to get back into gear.  I let so much get away from me this Summer.  My emails are so backed up- I have so many people to write - answer questions- move forward with my school project- get back to writing and thank people for donations. 
I need to get back on it.  I cannot wait to have a schedule again.  I am a person who thrives on a schedule.  I guess it comes from being a stage manager in the theater. 

In other news.  The garden is looking great. We need new grass but that is another project for another day.  It is sort of crazy.  The garden has grown so much.  We litterally planted the papaya last fall from seeds from one of our papayas.  Now they actually have fruits.  We just had to cut back our Elephant ear plant.  It had some HUGE leaves.  When we cut some back we saw this really cool flower.  I had no idea that they even flowered like this. 

The bogenvilla arbor is great.  I want it to just cover this little arbor that Ruben built and create like a little house.  Up the other side we have this great yello flower growing.  It will fill in the whole side of the fence so you cannot see it and will thread over the bikes.  Very nice. 


Samantha the ArmyWife said...

I wish I had room for a nice big Garden! it'll be a few years before I get that opportunity- at least! :)

Happy you guys are feeling HUMAN again! What every happened with the blood drawls??

Leah Flinn said...

I am in awe of the papaya tree. I tried to plant one last winter but the roots didn't grow quickly enough before the cold January killed it. :-(

Anonymous said...

I think it is soo awesome that your children do their own laundry , thats is just awesomeness . You have such a beautiful family , and I soo enjoy reading your blog . I am glad you and your family are feeling better !

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