Home with flowers

I have been with my husband for almost 10 years now and he never stops amazing me.  We are at a place in our relationship that is really good.  We are really happy.  We are in desperate need of some time together out and about without kids but this is the reality of every young family. 

Yesterday Ruben had to go and order some flowers at a wedding that they are having at his hotel and when he came home he brought me a very beautiful bouquet of flowers.  They are white lilies which are my absolute favorite flowers.  Both the white and the stargazer lilies.  They smell so wonderful.  It was so sweet.  I love getting flowers for no reason.  It really was so sweet.  And there are many that have not opened yet and I love watching them open. 

Back in Oregon we have one of the largest and most varied rose gardens in the United States and the roses in that garden are as beautiful as they get.  Ruben and I used to walk those gardens all the time and watch the roses open. 

One thing that has been really funny around here lately is my kids have fallen in love with certain songs.  The Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) song from Shakira is HUGE hit in this house.  First of all it is all Futbal and they love anything futbal.  They both know every word to this song in both the Spanish and English version and they both know the dance.  It is really cute. 

For Akilean- he has really attached himself to the song from Desperado.  Now let me just say that I love Antonio Banderas.  I mean - love him.  Everything about him.  He is one of the best triple threats in Hollywood and Broadway.  He is a wonderful dancer, singer, actor and musician.  Not to mention hotter then hell.  Plus he is married to a cool as white woman who adores him. So Akilean wanting to watch this video 100 times a day is okay with me.  (I think Shakira is one of the hottest women in the world too- so these videos really work out) jaja.

The other song that Lena loves is actually Ruben's and my song.  Nelly and Kelly Dilemma.  She loves to get all dressed up and dance around the living room to this song.  It is a very sweet sounding song.  It is pretty much our beginning except for the kid and we have not listened to the song in over 7  years.  Then suddenly Ruben put it on and even though it is not our story anymore it remains our song.  We tried to look for a  new song but you cannot just pick a new song.  There are songs that really reflect our current relationship and love but that song - it is our beginning.  it came out right in the beginning of our relationship.  it is really funny to watch Lena dance around to it and sing all the words.


Steve Cotton said...

Roses. Funny that you mentioned them today. I was about to write a post about the scent of roses in my back yard. Oregon and roses. Another great combination.

Flowers said...

Just gone through your blog "Home With Flowers" and found it wonderful. Enjoyed the Waka Waka video very much.

On Mexican Time said...

ahhh...all 3 songs that I love as well!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Roses and Oregon go hand in hand.

Devin said...

I was wondering if you could help me out...My fiancee and I plan on spending our honeymoon in Tulum , was not worried at first then his boss has told him of things that he thought was dangerous...I on the other hand is still wanting to go and give everyone the benefit of the doubt..please let me know if you feel there is a legetimate concern for American tourists safety...thank you, Devin

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