What happened to all the food

Okay... this is a learning day for me. I got up like usual and made breakfast for the kids. Today... it was going to be oatmeal. So everything was all set, the oatmeal is ready, the kids are back from the little store with the milk and everyone is at the table.... and then

Lena starts to get very upset because there are ants in her cereal. Now for one - ants are simply part of our lives here. There are so many of all sorts of sizes and they are everywhere. But when I went to look at her food there were so many bugs. I went to the bag of oatmeal and it was completely covered in bugs. They were not ants but it was awful. The I looked in the fridge and they were all over the food in the fridge. HORRIBLE!!!!

I had to throw out a bunch of food. This is horrible in general but even more so right now because the axe finally fell on Ruben. Not too bad but he has the next 4 days off. We paid our rent and that took all the money we had which is fine but then to unexpectedly have 4 days off. That is not good.

Oh well. At least it is only 4 days and not a month like a lot of other people.


On Mexican Time said...

Grrr... I know what you mean about the ants! I tell everyone that comes for a visit - Do not leave a pop can out, make SURE you close our cereal box and put it back in the tupper ware (i'm not ocd, you'll see why if you don't)!!! BUT I've never had it in my fridge!! That sucks amiga!!!!

Hopefully Ruben will be back to full time soon! I'm hearing good things about #'s at the airport!!!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

How did they get in frudge? This is new one for me too.

Sorry about Ruben ...

Michele in Playa said...

Sorry to hear about Ruben. I'm sure it will all turn around soon for all of us.

We are battling sugar ants in our house right now. I keep my perishables in plastic containers but they don't always seal perfectly. Multigrain Cheerios seem to be a favorite of these little critters!!

CancunCanuck said...

Oh man, so sorry to hear about Ruben. We get so many kinds of ants, it's crazy, giant ones that like cat food and the teeny ones that like the counters. Weird red ones only in the upstairs bath. Tupperware is my life.

Hope things pick up soon chica, good luck. (We just found out today that the pay cuts for us are extended for another few weeks, I wish you guys all the best.) This (and the ants!) will pass. :) Abrazos.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Thanks ladies... I can always count on you guys for support!

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