Caught in a tropical rain storm at the office!!!

One thing I have learned about the rain here in this area of Mexico is that it comes in fast, it comes down hard and it feels amazing. It has been very dry for a few months now and we were really starting to notice. Well, the other day we were sitting at "the office" also known as Pariso Caribe on the main road in Tulum. It is just a block before (North) of the HSBC. This is one of our favorite spots in Tulum. The food is consistently good, the drinks are a great deal and the service is amazing.

It is the same few guys there all the time. We also have some friends that come here almost every afternoon so we always know that we will get to see them. Well, This day was no exception. David, Barbara and Bruce were at their table when we got there and the poker cloth quickly came out. Sometimes it is chess but more often it is poker. The guys from the restaurant also play when there are not customers. It really is a good time.

Well, the cloth came out and everyone got out their 20 pesos. You got to love a poker game where all you are going to lose is a $1.50!!! Some tourists from Switzerland walked by and the game caught their eye. They sat down with us and we all had a good time. The kids gets to watch their cartoons and eat ice cream while we all chat.

Bruce and I were talking about gardening when we started talking about how dry it had been recently and when this rain that we could tell was coming would get here. Well, it took all of 5 minutes. I took this picture just as the rain started to come down (which means you have about 15 seconds to get under cover)

The kids walked across the street to throw something in the garbage and got caught! Luckily the water that falls from the sky is very warm and refreshing. Everyone who lives here did the usual routine... grab everything and move it inside and wait the few minutes for it to pass. It passed in about 5 minutes. By then the crew was already all set up inside and decided not to move back outside.

As the night continued the street musicians came out. This is one of my favorite parts. I am not a huge mariachi fan especially on small sidewalk cafes because it almost too much music to be so close. But here in Tulum there are a lot of drummers and guitar players and we love that. Kennedy and Akilean always get really into it.

The people here love and embrace kids and the kids feel very comfortable. The kids get to really be involved in the environment which I really love about living in Mexico.

I am also discovering that Akilean is the perfect little Mexican Aztec little trainee. He is really into fire dancing. And the other day he picked up a piece of bamboo and started swinging it around like a Bo. I think that is what they are called. You know, the long sticks that people fight with. Anyway... he was really good at it. I was really impressed.


Leslie Limon said...

I love the rains in Mexico! They really help cool down a hot summer day. I'm from Southern California, where it rains in the winter for days, day and night!

Paula said...

I am glad you got a little rain..the kids look so cute under the tree
Lena is really looking grown up
love you

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

That is what is so great- that you guys are all making the best of everything that happens (day to day) rain or no rain or torrential downpour you guys are still doing your thing! =) Great! Talk to you soon!

On Mexican Time said...

I have to admit - I too love the rain!! Only here though, because I can handle the short spurts!!!

Looks like you had a great time!! Sounds fun!! I love the street music myself, LOL!! I just do - a girl from Canada didn't get that often! LOL!!

Nancy said...

We've had two short rains here in Mazatlan since October, so I know what you mean about dry!

I like how quickly these rainshowers can blow through, and the wonderful earthy steamy smell that comes with it.

Michele in Playa said...

That was a great storm! We seldom see really good thunder and lightning storm, so this was a real treat. Good lightning yesterday afternoon as well!

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