To vacation or not to vacation

Well, that is certainly the question for so many people right now. There is so much media reporting on the outbreak (both accurate and some fear mongering) that this is a really hard decision. It really is a personal decision.

Personally for me, I would still travel. Here in Tulum, other then being a little light on people things are running pretty much like normal. Most of the people I know are not concerned with getting sick and are not changing too much in their day.

I know many people who are going to travel here sort of unexpectedly because there are some good deals to be found right now. Airlines, I am sure will be offering some good prices in the near future to help rebound their lost profits and hotels here really want bodies in them.

So for all of the people that are on the fence... I hope that you do decide to come. In my opinion this whole thing is not nearly as scary as it is being made out to be. What is scary is that this is a new illness that no one is vaccinated for. That I understand. I see why that is scary. But the images that people have of thousands of sick and infected people wandering the area like zombies is not the case.

The only part where I would even think of getting nervous is the airplane and I almost always get sick after being in an airplane.

I am really happy about the amount of people that are doing their own research and asking questions in order to make their decision.


Anonymous said...

Look into Oil Of Oregano for your next time flying, it is truly amazing stuff. Not sure if you can get it in Mexico though. Health food stores carry it in Canada.

Paula said...

Hey more thing...i love the way your blog looks....but..the background makes it hard for me to read it...anyway to change the background?...just a thought

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