Swine flu Free Guarantee in Mayan Rivera

Well, there is no way... unless you live under a rock that you are not aware of this whole swine flu fiasco in Mexico. I must first say how proud I am of the Mexican gov't for taking fast decisive steps to stop the outbreak and control the problem and the hysteria. Now if we could only have gotten the rest of the world to stop reporting that all of Mexico is lethargic and dying in the streets by the thousands then maybe it would not have been so bad. I mean, for the Mexican gov't to make such a drastic decision- shutting down gov't offices for a week, closing major tourism sights, keeping kids out of school for a week forcing parents to adjust work schedules- all in the attempt to curb the outbreak. These were major decision that they knew would drastically effect the people of the nation. And it has had a drastic effect on the people. Especially those of us that live in a tourist based economy. Mexico has easily lost millions and will lose billions of dollars because of this whole thing.

Now, I am not upset about the shut down that gov't did, I am not upset that the world was scared and worried... what i am sick of is fear mongering new media whose only goal is to keep you locked to your television and buying the next paper. Before the swine flu is was all about the cartels and how people are getting gunned down in the middle of the streets all over Mexico.

When I first started this blog I never thought that anyone would read it. I did it for me as an online journal well, people have started to read it and are genuinely interested in what is happening in our lives. and we love it. We have made so many friends from this. But what I love even more is the community of expat bloggers that you end up becoming friends with. We are all sharing a common experience and are coming from similar points of view or lifestyles from north of the boarder. We have all been reporting on this whole thing.

My traffic went from about 25 a day to 80 a day when the reports about how safe it is to travel here and how there is little to no crime or violence in my area to 189 a day with the reports of the swine flu stuff. What I do love is that there are at least so many people who are not going only on the news reports from the states and are getting information from those of us that actually live here. Anyway... that is my 2 cents. :)

There is a glow of light at the end of the tunnel. There is currently a "flu free guarantee" that is being issued by many of the big hotels in the area. The info is below from an article in "Por Esto" I took this post off my friend's blog Life's a Beach in Playa del Carmen. She put it very well so I figured... copy and paste worked best.

Thank you to everyone who has looked for your own information. For those who have researched, emailed those of us down here and have seen that this area is as amazing as it was before this whole thing.

"Whether you already have a trip planned to visit the beautiful Riviera Maya or are considering taking advantage of the fabulous deals now available in the wake of the Swine Flu scare, this article in today's "Por Esto" newspaper will be of great interest to you. A link to the online article is above and I have taken the liberty of utilizing Google Translator for your reading convenience. The translation is not 100% grammatically correct, but it is reasonable enough to follow.

With the emblem "guarantee free of influenza" (Flu Free guarantee), assures the traveler three years travel free if they have symptoms of human influenza eight days after they return from their trip by Olivia Vázquez Hotel chains in the Mexican Caribbean began a more aggressive campaigns that have been internationally to revive international tourism. With the emblem "guarantee free of influenza (Flu Free guarantee) that assures the traveler three years travel free if they have symptoms of human influenza eight days after he returns from his trip, which seeks to demonstrate the confidence that exists by destino.Dentro of health promotion strategies, the hotel sector in coordination with the Resort, this week will be sending a personalized letter to U.S. President Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton Secretary of State, to be published in the U.S. newspaper circulation where it is requested adjournment of the alert (warning) indicates that travel to Mexico only if absolutely necessary because it inhibits the influx of tourism. Zalvidea Fernando Garcia, director of the Grand Resort Hotel and the Best Day tour operator, said that at least five thousand hotel rooms as Secrets, Royal Resort, Charisma and others who joined the campaign, but it is estimated as we go on to join other hotel chains to strengthen advocacy in Mexico. This promotion started yesterday and will run through the main cities of United States and Canada in order to revive the tourist markets, since it is in promoting the confidence of the Mexican Caribbean operates to the highest standards of hygiene and safety and ensures the health of the destination. Additional to this promotion, special packages are added to the hotel is offering value-added as a free night, tickets to recreational parks, archaeological sites, free dinners, spa services, etc. The hotel considered a leader who is now the best time Mexican travel to the Caribbean, and that excellence in service is reflected directly in the personal and the atmosphere of trust that is generated. Hence also be sought this week to lift the warnings issued to the passenger who was referred to visit Mexico, and that still prevails announcement issued two weeks ago, and that conditions be changed. In fact it as well as shipping and airlines already provide for the revitalization and have started to sell the destination. The letter is prepared in the state's Tourism Council is expected to be released this week to further accelerate the process of recovery and moving on reservations, which for now remain at the minimum levels, although it began to flow.
By May 25, with the celebration of Memorial Week which is held in United States, you could earn points in hotel occupancy, which is still at levels 20 to 24% in most developments.

Please contact your local travel agent for more details, restrictions and information from the hotel chains participating in this interesting offer.

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Paula said...

Good Info! Hope the tourists start pouring into your piece of paradise soon
love you

Paula said...

I don't know if I told you or not but I love the new background..much easier to read for these old eyes...
love you

Michele in Playa said...

Thanks for helping to spread the news!!

On Mexican Time said...

Let's keep spreading the great news, and hopefully with a little luck - tourism will pick up again!!!

Jason said...

I'm one of the random people who found your blog through a Google search for information on Tulum. It has been a great resource as my soon-to-be wife and I plan our honeymoon next month -- which I'm proud to say we DID NOT cancel, even amidst all the media hysteria surrounding swine flu. We live in Virginia, where there are at least 14 confirmed cases, so if we're going to be too afraid to go to Tulum, then we might as well not even venture outside the house. We're proud to do our part to support Mexican tourism! Looking forward to our stays at Teetotum and Hemingway eco-resort!

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