knowing chilies

One thing that I have realized since living in Mexico is that my taste in chilies and spicy things from a very different point of view. The things that I make these days for my family to eat are very different then the things that I used to make. Now this is very much a good thing because living here I am forced and focused on making things with more fruits, veggies and whole grains. But what I have found interesting is that I have really come to choose the sorts of chilies that I want with certain things.

Now, I have always liked spicy food, although it has gotten more extreme recently. But now I have really thought about whether I want chili sauce (and which chili sauce) I want with certain foods.

With some it is pickled jalapenos, some its sauteed serranos, sometimes it is Valentina hot sauce, sometimes it is Melinda's habanero sauce, fresh chilies, pepper flakes.... I love them all but not at all are the same.


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