A fantastic Mother's Day

Well, first I must say that I thought that it was sort of funny that Mexican Mother's Day and Mother's Day in the USA fell on the same day. In Mexico it is always on the 10th of May and in the USA it is the 2nd Sunday in May. It was sort of strange that they landed on the same day. I mean not really because it is bound to happen but still.

Yesterday the day had gone like so many others. We woke up, had breakfast, cleaned the house, walked to town with Ruben and the kids, kissed Ruben goodbye, went to the park, went to the fruteria for a bunch of mangos and then sat at what we call "the office" to sit and talk with some friends. So far... a totally normal day. While I was sitting at that table watching my friends play poker, I heard Ruben's voice behind me. This was a total surprise because I thought that he was at work. I guess that he had been asking to get Sunday off but they were not able to give it to him. When he got to work yesterday they had 1 extra person and said that he could take the night off. It was a really nice surprise.

We headed to the house to get all cute. I wore a little black dress that I actually have not worn since my 24th or 25th birthday- when I was very pregnant. I do not remember if it was with Kennedy or Akilean but I was very pregnant. It looked pretty good still. And I really love the fact that I bought in the first place for a crazy good price (under $10) Man I just love Ross. The kids helped me pick out which dress I was going to wear on my date.

Anyway. Ruben's friend agreed to watch the kids and so they got to go to our friends drumming preformace in centro and dance and have a fun time, while we headed down to the beach. We were going to try to eat at Playa Azul but it was closed. We headed over to the next restaurant and found that it was open and totally empty. I love when restaurants are empty. It feels like a private dinner just for you.

The name of the cabanas and restaurant is Puerto de Cielo It was beautiful. We sat just outside of the bar area and had an amazing view of the ocean and a full moon. It was stunning. The moon was so bright and reflected so much on the water. The water was very near the hotel. We walked down and put our feet in the water a few times while we sipped our 2x1 margaritas. We split an appetizer and 1 meal and just hung out and talked and laughed and had such a fun time. There is more information on the restaurant on my Tulum Living Blog.

While on one of our little trips down to the water Ruben surprised me with a very beautiful necklace. This came totally out of the blue and was a total surprise. We have been very tight on money and he has been setting a little aside in order to buy me this. I thought that was so sweet. What was even cuter was that he said, "I know that it is a little different then a lot of the other stuff I give you but I know you didn't have anything like this and I know you like quirkier things." The fact that he even thought about it like that was very sweet to me. We talked and laughed and he gave this whole speech about how he feels I have it all and that he could not thank me enough for being a great mom to his kids and that he knew the moment he saw me that he only wanted me for the rest of his life. It was so romatic and amazing. We kissed all night and told stories and laughed.

After we ate, we took our margaritas down and sat on the beach chairs down by the water. We then took a walk on the beach and the water was just so amazingly warm we had to go for a swim. It was so much fun. It was well lit by the moon and warm and deserted. there was 1 or 2 groups of people that walked by the whole time. It was great. We laid in the surf and... well, stuff ...it was seriously amazing and romantic. Ruben commented this morning during on of the many times we talked about how much fun we had last night that it felt straight out of a movie. The whole evening was totally magical.

Then this morning Akilean woke us up bright and early and we sat and drank coffee in bed and watched the West Wing on dvd. Ruben woke up and made me my favorite breakfast- or well, the closest version that you can with the stuff we have around. My favorite in eggs Benedict. He made a great version with toast and thick sliced ham. But he makes the BEST hollandaise sauce from scratch (with all of its like 5 ingredients but still- he makes it so well and he knows exactly how to poach my eggs. It was wonderful.

Sadly he is at work now and it is just the kids and I. But we have a bunch of mangos to keep us happy. It is sort of crazy the amount of mangos and bananas we eat. And we are doing one of my favorite things to make for dinner... breakfast. The kids really want pancakes so I thought- hey banana and mango whole wheat pancakes... yeah- that sounds perfect for dinner. :) It is going to be a nice quiet evening in with the kids!


Paula said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. The necklace is beautiful! Those little kids are so cute!
Love you dearly

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Great pictures of the moon! amazing! Also, the necklace is beautiful!! =) happy mother's day.

CancunCanuck said...

Oooh, I am so jealous, what a great day! The necklace is just lovely and boy oh boy, did you luck out in the husband department! Felicidades mama. :)

Lori said...

Awesome necklace! Sounds like a great day!

A Wonderful Life! said...

I love your blog. I am going to mexico for a month to meet my inlaws for the first time after six years of marriage 2 girls and one on the way. I have been doing a lot of research which is how i found your blog. stephanie

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