Great new friends -- And new front teeth

Well, the biggest piece of news around here from the past few days is that Kennedy has finally lost her left front tooth. It has been loose for many months now. It was getting really loose this past week and then these past 2 days it was a foregone conclusion. Well, I told her not to worry about it... that it will come out and that she should just play like normal. Low and behold... she came in to tell me something and I noticed that it was gone. That lead us on a 5 minute hunt in the kids pool to find it. We did!!! Momma- you will be happy to know that Kennedy was set on the fact that her tooth had to go into her San Francisco box. It was really cute.

What is particularly funny is that the other tooth is also very loose. It is about a month behind this one. But it is loose enough that it does not hold it's place so she is having a hard time eating and in pictures the tooth sometimes looks like it is in the middle of her mouth or that it is sideways. It is pretty funny in some pictures. She is very excited. We gave her 50 pesos (abt. $3-4) Enough to buy a little toy at the store.

We have got our backyard set up pretty well now. We decided to put the kids mini pool in the backyard and organize around it. it is just way too hot here in the summer not to have a little water to dip into. It is a bummer because they always get holes in them. We really want one of the little hard plastic ones. The kind we ave is the one where the water holds up the sides and here there in not much that is level. Oh well, it is doing okay. Te kids got their first snorkel lesson the other day. I really want to get some snorkel masks for the kids and for Ruben and I.

The sun has also changed direction a lot in the past few months. Our backyard area now gets a lot of direct sunlight for many hours in the afternoon. We had put sticks across to hold up our chairs so I just took some extra sheets and window sheers and clipped them with cloths pins. It makes for a very nice little area now.

Now that the sun is getting so much brighter and hotter we are eating a lot more ice cream. I have decided to try to make some sorbets and stuff. I really want and ice cream maker. I made a mango/pineapple sorbet the other day.... Ruben came home last night and ate it ALL!!! What a PUNK ASSS!!!! Oh well. He said that it was very good. The recipe is on my cooking blog Cooking 1 Handed.

We have also been very lucky in the past few days to meet some new friends. There have always been a big group of little boys on the corner, but now we have met a few little girls in the area. One of the little girls, Naomi, speaks only Spanish but both her parents speak English and are both from Mexico City. And the other little girl, Ananda speaks English and Spanish as do both of her parents. I am also becoming good friends with her mom as well. She has lived here for 9 years, originally from England, and is such a sweet person. We are so alike in so many ways. I am getting to know Naomi's mom as well and she is a very cool person. I am excited to be making friends in the neighborhood and the town. Especially friends that work with the whole family... husbands can be friends(and in the case of Naomi- the dad's is how we all met) the moms all can be friends and the kids all are similar ages and have a blast.

It is so funny, for the past several days they run all around between the 3 houses- jump ion the pool- change run to the park, run to the other house's pool, change run back again, ride bikes play dress up--- I mean all our houses are trashed but oh well. It is really nice.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

This post describes a blessed family. The ordinary takes on deeper meaning as it decribes a functional, happy family and their daily life.

Paula said...

I am glad the tooth finally came out! It makes her look alot more grown up! Love you

Michele in Playa said...

Isn't it great when the kids really start to assimilate and make friends!!

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