An Unexpectedly great weekend

We had a great little surprise this past weekend. Our very good family friend Jordan came into town with her littlest of babies, Avner. She lives in Oxkutzcab about 1 hour outside of Merida. We have been friends for a very long time first in SF, CA and now here. She needed a little break from an ALL Mayan lifestyle and ALL of her husbands family that lives on the block! hehehe. I love it because we are each others sanity escape.

Plus she loves to come visit or have me visit because we can bring each other all of the things that we cannot get in each others towns. She always needs natural vanilla and we have fresh ginger here!

Anyway. She came in on Friday afternoon and we just came home and made dinner and hung out. We made a really good fish recipe it was called pina colada grouper and it was a great name for the recipie. I will be putting it on my cooking blog. The next day I had been invited out to my friends place on the beach with the kids. It was perfect because the friend that had invited me is that great woman that we met recently, Georgia. I knew instantly that her and Jordan were going to get along really well. Their personalities, interests and very specific beliefs are so similar and I knew they would really like each other.

It was even better then I had hoped. We packed up our watermelon, guacamole and water and headed off to the beach. It was great because my friends had access to this great cabana right on the beach. The baby was able to sleep in the hammock and all the kids (4 girls and Akilean!!!) They were climbing trees, running all over the beach and playing in the water. It was a really great day. Georgia had put together this whole treasure hunt for the kids and it was really cute to watch them run all over the place with the little puppy, Cherry, chasing them all over the beach.

The little casita was so nice too. It was a large open space on the first floor that had a small table, a little place to put cloths, a little chair and a bed. Under the bed was a sand floor but there was a hardwood walkway along the edge of the room. The stairs to the 2nd floor showed an open platform with a bed and a great little window that looked directly out- unobstructed view of the ocean. I could only imagine how great it would be wake up to that. The place is for rent too so if you are interested, please let me know.

We have gotten to know more people here that we really like. There are also a lot of people here in my neighborhood and that is really nice. We all got to hang out and chat while the kids just went nuts. It was a really fun day. I think it is the first time that we have ever been to the beach when Ruben did not build a massive sand castle. It was a great day.

I think that Ruben and Juan's favorite part was all the ladies took the kids on the treasure hunt and they got to sit and relax in the hammocks.


Nancy said...

What a fabulous life! Don't you just want to pinch yourself to see if it's real, sometimes?

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Looks like an amazing weekend! =)

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Wow - sounds perfecto!

Leslie Limon said...

Looks like you all had tons of fun! I'm a bit jealous to read that you have fresh ginger! LOL!

Paula said...

Honey, I am glad it was a good weekend and the beach looks so pretty and I could tell the kids were having a blast. Love you
your momma

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Your momma seems so supportive and loving!

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