Where is my mom, where is my T?

I am sitting here in my house, very sad because of some current situations and all I want in the world is to talk to my mom or Tara. I need some sanity. I need to tell my current feelings and mood and have one of these 2 women-- and only these 2 women- they are the only ones that get me, that truley love me. Even those moments when you wonder about the sanity of the person that you are with because you already know that they must be out of their mind to be in love with you in the first place... these women... these women know me and love they love me any way. For all of your faults- they love you and understand you and somehow all of your mishaps after the moment of enlightenment- only go to make you more celestial. Well... I am sitting here, without enough money to pay for my cell phone, with 2 sleeping kids so I cannot go to town to call. All I want is to talk to them. To hear, from women whose opinion I trust that I am not crazy. Since the moment I left Portland that is all I have heard. How I was stupid, following my heart like a little girl, not thinking about the real world. Well, I am here, in Mexico, missing my dearest friends and my mom. The people who knew me and loved me anyway. And then there is everyone else. Who even if they love me... make me remember that it is in spite of...?


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