New Discoveries

The longer I live here in Tulum, the more I discover little things about it that make me love it. As I went to town today, set to find the best deal on our basic needs of fruits and veggies and some pantry basics. I discovered a great fruiteria. I had stopped in once before but did not realize all of the other items that I could get there. It is so far the best deal I have found for tomatoes, lettuce and such here in Tulum. I also got my milk, eggs, bread, chorizo and other misc. items there. And I noticed a large amount of spices. Spices are very hard to come by here in Tulum. For only 228 pesos my fridge had a total transformation. Thank goodness too because I hate being hungry. It is not that we cannot afford to buy anything at all- it is that we have no stocked basics to make most things. So you have to be able to afford all of the items that you need for a certain meal. I wrote in an early blog that maybe it was a good thing that we did not have to store all of the spare Costco items like in our USA house. Yeah, I take that back. There is almost no greater feeling that running out of something basic and then simply opening a drawer and having it again. I really miss Costco. I miss having a car to get to Costco. Here it is the other polar opposite. Everything you buy comes in small packaging. Nothing comes in large containers. All shampoos and laundry soap and spaghetti noodle packs- are like buying from 7-11. That was until I found this store. It has a slightly larger pack of noodles.

****Side note--- I did find it funny when I got here to Tulum, I realized that there are no chain food places- no McD’s or even Starbucks. And I thought that was pretty cool. But… There is only 1 stop light so far in this town. And right there on the corner is a 7-11. How funny is that? I would have been happy if I could have gotten a slurpy but they did not have them. Well, on with the post!!!!****

The weather was wonderful today. In the high 70s. It is just a little overcast- I actually got to wear sleeves. And that is an increasingly rare opportunity. Tonight we get to see the house that we are going to be renting and moving into. I am excited because we did not get to see it to clearly the first time. She said that we could start moving stuff in as early as the 18th!!! :)

Exactly 34 days until Mom and Neal come!!!!!


My Way said...

Thanks for reading my blog.

I remember one day me and my friend were so desperate for a slurpy that we drove from Cancun to the 7-11 on the highway....only to find out that they did not even sell slurpies. We were so disappointed.

We did find out that the Mega Comercial Mexicana had slushies which are a bit different but they did the trick!

CancunCanuck said...

Your blog is my "new discovery" today, glad to find you.

You know, it might be worth a day's car rental to head down to Playa or Cancun for some Costco shopping, I know folks who live on the islands and further south make the trip once every month or so. Certainly helps with the basics!

Looking forward to reading more, your children are gorgeous! I've got a three year old myself, perhaps a play date is in our future. :)

Nice to "meet" you.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I am still craving a slurpy. That is going to stick with me until I land in Portland some afternoon and rush to fullfil taht need.
A costco trip sounds like a really good idea.

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