Oh what I would not give...

...for a Costco run… 1 good Costco run. And my coffee pot! Ever since I visited Jordan I have been missing it so much. Not even the actual coffee itself but just the act of drinking it, the ceremony in the morning. I could go to Costco, pick up and grind some great coffee beans for $10.

At every turn it seems that we turn around and reach for something that we used to have. Things like lint rollers, extra toothpaste and other toiletries, spaghetti noodles and baking powder. There are so many times that those little things are needed. I have been trying to figure out what I am going to make for Lena's birthday but we are missing little but vital things to make a cake, but the selection is VERY limited and expensive in the little stores here.

I mean, do not get me wrong, we have a lot of what we need, good pots and pans, silverware etc, but there are all of those little things that we had already built up a surplus of. Maybe it is good thing? That way we do not have as much stuff to store in the dark corners of the house. But like, this morning for example, Akilean wakes up with a stomach ache and a terrible fever. Usually I would head over to my arsenal of stuff and pull out what ever would help him most. But I could not. I am glad that I bought a bottle of children's Motrin before I left.

But life trucks on... The rainy season has ended. It is as if someone has turned off the rain switch. That is defiantly not what I am used to from back in San Francisco and Oregon. We are getting ready ... well that is not true, there is nothing really to prepare... We are getting excited about our move to our new house. I think that it is going be better. And not only is Mom and Neal coming to visit for Christmas, which I am just head over heels for, we just found out another duo from Oregon is coming to visit and they will be here for Ruben's birthday!!! I am so excited.

The kitten is getting huge. She eats a ton. Calvin and Hobbs are getting along great now. That is another thing on the Costco list… cat food.


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