Lena's Day

We took Lena out for her 5th birthday last Friday. She wanted to go to a little restaurant she likes for their spaghetti. Both she and Akilean were wonderful. Not the entire time for sure but for a great deal of time. We had to do the customary day off list and then we were on our way home to make chicken tacos. But by the time that we were done with everything we would have eaten at like 10:00. Not that it would be strange to eat at 10:00 here but for us it is a little late. She picked 2 lum, a great little Italian place. She looks so beautiful. And as you can see, the kids really liked the cake.

For her birthday she got a little plastic purse that is sort of like a small pencil box. It holds a few crayons and a few small pieces of paper. And even while we were giving it to her, both Ruben and I felt bad for not giving her any good gifts like we would love to. Here we were giving her a 50 peso toy and it was the only one that she got. So while we were feeling bad about the gift, we got the best reaction out of Lena. She jumped up a down and was so excited and said "thank you Mom and Dad, I have never seen that before. Akilean look." It was so cute. She is such a love. Ruben and I are so lucky.


CancunCanuck said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl! Don't fret about the price of the gift, so many other things are more important to worry about and she was obviously thrilled. Heck, kids love cardboard boxes and they are free, teehee.

Glad she had fun.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

It was such a great day. I love that was so happy. And e have spent many happy days in box forts:)

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