Back to life...

Back to reality... hold on... sorry, I had to dance that out a little.

Well, we are in the new house. To say that it is better in no way summarizes how much of an improvement it is for us. First of all let me just say... it has a shelf as well as a bar for the cloths in the bedroom!!! That, combined with the fact that it has a counter was enough for me to carry my belongings on over. But even better, my landlord actually cares about her house. She painted the walls a nice yellow and the "back yard" is a mint green. I love it.

I am spending a great deal of time in the back. There is no counter around the sink in the kitchen so I have taken to doing my dishes outside. I wash them in the basin that is used traditionally for cloths. Once we get some plants in the back it will look really good. Not to mention that I will not have a 5000 peso electric bill and the house itself is 1000 pesos less a month. Once the hot water heater is fixed we will most likely be able to have hot water. Not that it is that big of a deal not to have hot water but it would be nice.

It is funny how much your home comes to mean to you. Your space, your things, the things that you surround yourself with that gets a reaction from you. At first, I thought that I was being very materialistic and then I realized that I was not. It is not that these things mean a significant amount or have value, but when I am doing my dishes, or laundry or cooking... I want to enjoy my surroundings. And in this house... it is much more enjoyable.

Well, only 25 days till my mom and Neal come and only 36 days until Barb and Shannon come. YEAH!!!!


Anonymous said...

whsat a greast blog, I love hearing sabout your daily adventures, both uos and downs. can't wait to visit

Anonymous said...

man..thsat last comment was full of typo' you

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