Kennedy's 5th Birthday!!!

Lena has just turned 5 years old!!! I cannot believe it. I am the mother of a 5 year old. That is not the part that catches me off guard. The part that throws me is how old she seems to turn over night. Just today, we took our typical walk to town and went to our favorite helado spot. They have these basitos that are just 10 pesos. They are the perfect little treat. And Lena- when she ordered her helado says..."chocolate en la bajo y cajetas en arriba." I could not belive it. It was so cute. She ordered her helado perfectly.

Well we are going to be with out internet for about a week while we are making our transition to our new house. We will keep our updates on our computer an throw them into cyberland when we can.

Take care..... "catch ya on the flip side"

Mindy and the clan


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