I must say that I have been totally spoiled by the cities that I have lived in. I mean, the idea that you could get just about anything that you could want to eat- delivered to your door- at almost any time of the night was such a treat. Especially when I was sitting in my house, pregnant, as big as a sofa and there comes my french fries, personal little pizza and tiramisu cake!!!! God love SF!!! It was worth paying higher rent and crazy parking fees for the delivery alone.

Well, now things are almost as good. At anytime there is someone driving/walking or biking by the house with things that you never knew that you needed right then. I love the man that hikes into the jungle, bags some plants and then walks around selling them. Or the man on the tricyclo that sells helado. Although I can never figure out how they keep it cold. And one of favorites is the man that walks down the street, pulling a cart full of wood furniture that he made. That is just dedication. Then there is the guy selling pots and pans, or the women who tell about their cleaning services.

I mean everything is just delivered to the house. When we need drinking water, we wait to hear the beep beep of the water truck and run out with pesos in hand. When we need to fill up the gas for cooking, that jingle can be heard for a few blocks. But it is very convenient.

The one that absolutely takes the cake though... is the guy that drives around at night and sells tamales. They are great. !!! I love tamales. I love delivery. I love Mexico. I swear, if the ocean was not 2 kilo meters away IU would never leave my house.


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