Sorry I dissapeard for a few days! I have been visiting a dear friend of mine, Jordan. It was so amazing to see her. She lives in a town about 4 hours away. It is always so good to see her. She like Tara keeps me grounded.

My visit to Oxkutzcab was amazing. We arrived on Wednesday evening and took the kids to the plaza in town. There were beautiful casitas all over the plaza with beautiful decorations and food out, lots of candles and kids running everywhere. It was very cool. They have a nice play area and we had a great time walking around. One thing was for sure, this was not on display for the tourists, as Jordan is literally the only white woman in this town. She commented to me once, that if I "feel like people are looking at you... they are." Everyone was so nice and many people had spent time in San Francisco and even Hillsboro, OR.

Of course as soon as we get there, my camera dies. SO I do not have any pictures currently of the trip. I have some trapped on a disposable camera. We spent a good deal of time every day at their land which is currently covered in Calabasas squash and corn. There are also a large amount mandarin, grape fruit and sour orange trees. We would sit out there after hiking to get back towards the fruit trees, hiking with a 5, 4, and 3 1.5 years old and her 6 months along and me. It was awesome. We would eat our little picnic, flick the ants off the blanket and eat as many mandarins as we could handle. It was great. We walked home one night and found out that it was a very pleasant walk, so we walked to and from the next day. I must tell you every one thought we were crazy. But it was very beautiful, flat great for all those tamales we ate one day. Maybe it ahs to do with living is SF. In SF we walked every where. I remember being pregnant with Akilean and Lena in the stroller and we would go on 4 hour long walks, get lunch, look around, and then catch a cheap cab ride home.

They have the greatest marcado in this town. For one it is the citrus capital so the land is so productive. I bought 20 pesos worth of seeds and I have all sorts of stuff I am getting ready to grow. The only thing that is impossible to find is seeds for herbs. Hopefully I can find those.

I also found out some great recipes. Jordan is a really great cook and uses a ton of veggies. I cannot wait. I am cooking them for my mom when she comes.

There was nothing going on for Halloween but that was okay. Our kids were dressed in their costumes, running around the park and having a great time. For the Day of the Dead we had lunch with our friend from San Francisco and her family. And every other moment we were just hanging out at the house. Drinking coffee in the morning, sitting in the garden with the kids doing loops. It was amazing. And to see all the work that they have done on the house is amazing. It gives me hope.

Well, now I am back and I have to get going on our house. And we are moving into our new rental on the 20th. I am so excited. We will have exactly 1 month to get it ready for my Mom and Neal to visit!!!!


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