Missing Thanksgiving

It was very strange to wake up yesterday and get Thanksgiving emails from people. It was very strange. It is beautiful here and very sunny. So I did not see Thanksgiving coming. I mean, up in Portland and San Francisco it is freezing by now. A clear sign of the coming holidays and everlasting cold weather. But here, there was no Halloween, no big celebration for my birthday, no big celebration for Lena's birthday. So the idea that it was already Thanksgiving came out of nowhere. I have cooked a large amount of food for many of the past several years Thanksgiving dinners, so it felt really strange to not cook anything. So I decided to try to bake something.

I went to town to try to find a number of things that that I would never walk home with, brown sugar, powdered sugar, lemons. These are all very important things in Lemon Bars. So I blended my own sugar and used mandarins. There is a play by play on my other blog.

I also started to miss some people back home. I was reading about many people that I care about being with each other and eating together. Meals are my favorite thing to do with people. Coming together, sharing wine, food stories. People all gathered around the kitchen preparing different things, eating and drinking along the way. I miss hanging out with friends and family. I hope that everyone had a great holiday.

Kennedy and Akilean have invented a new game- simply rolling a water bottle cap across the floor has provided a lot of entertainment. We were walking back from town and the kids got the urge to boogie. So we stopped off and they added their magical touch to the piano.


My Way said...

When I lived in Cancun I found that holidays didn't have as much meaning to me as they did back home. For me there was only one big holiday a year and it was my birthday which lasted a week or two. :)

Hope you feel better today.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Thanks My Way. I ate the whole plate of mandrain bars and the really helped. I am very much looking forward to Christmas. My mom and step dad will be here.

I do like the idea of my birthday lasting as a week long carnival.

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