Back online!!!!

Well, Luckily I picked the perfect time to have my Internet cut off. There have been ridiculous situations that I have been thrilled to be ignoring. Had I of had the opportunity I would have gotten sucked into drama where there was none to start. It was literally a self made drama fest. And I called it from the beginning. So anyway I sit here, enemy number 1, because of half stories, screwed words and just negativity. So I am glad that I was lost in the abyss for a few days.
Ruben finally had a day off. He has worked the last 12 days straight. We started off with the "to do" list. There were lots of little things on that list. One of which was dealing with our 5,000 peso electric bill. That is about $500 US. that is almost double the rent of our new house. But after a great walk to town - doing all of the little stuff we had to do. Got ice cream for the kids. Then, we were done and we were off to see our land.

More about that in another post.

After hiking around and getting measurements and ideas, we set back to the house to go to the beach. This is by far our favorite thing to do here. It is amazing. We have been hitting the beach at 3:00 or 3:30 and it is just amazing!!!! Akilean laid on the beach and played with his trains :) and Lena played in the ocean with daddy.


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