My big Girl is getting bigger everyday!!!

I cannot believe it... Kennedy is about to be 5!!! That is just insane to me. Her birthday is coming up in a few weeks. Not even... 11 days! She has another loose tooth. It is in the front on the right. When the baby tooth came in there were actually 2 teeth that came in. Not uncommon and certainly not a big deal. But now they are loose. I hate it when she wiggles it. And of course she thinks that is just hilarious.

It is a beautiful morning. I woke up crazy early and started to clean the house. I must say, it is very chilly. I really wish I had my coffee pot. That is one of the biggest things that I miss. My Mom and step Dad are coming to visit for Christmas which ahs just made me so happy. To have them here at all but even more so during the holidays is going to be so amazing. I have not stopped smiling since she even mentioned it but now that everything is booked. And they are staying right here in my town. It is going to be incredible.

I have decided the gifts that I want to give the kids for Christmas. I want to get them each a bike, training wheels, the helmet and of course the bell for each of them, as we live in a place where it is ALWAYS nice enough to ride your bike. And I want to get them each some classes at the cultural center. That way everyday we can walk to town with a purpose, (usually we are wondering around aimlessly) and the kids can interact with other kids their age and learn Spanish.

That way I figured they could get some cool gifts. I feel really bad for them. You cannot send things to them from the United States. And even if you can get it through the rules of customs, it is unlikely you will get it passed the customs inspector. Anyway. I thought that it would be a good gift. I think they will really like it.

Well, Lena is up now. It is time to start the day.


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