Today was really hard for me

I am not really sure why but the energy from today has been so draining. I am on a very short fuse with my kids and are getting to a point where all of this time with them is starting to drive me nuts. I mean, do not get me wrong... I love my kids but being with them all day everyday with no relief is getting really hard. It was not that bad before but now that I am working from home and really trying to make this company work I am feeling really over whelmed.

I know that I am so lucky to be able to work from home at all and I am really thankful for the job I have but it is really really hard to write about the tranquility of Tulum in 5 minutes spurts between cooking, cleaning and referring kids. I am just going to be really thankful when we get them in school. Not that I will have a ton of time then either because by the time I walk Lena to her school on the other side of town (which makes no sense to me but whatever...) then take Akilean to his school and then walk home, I might be able to get an hour of work and a half hour of cleaning in before I have to start walking to pick Lena up at school. Man I cannot wait to have a car.

Well, tonight I was sitting at my computer just waiting for this writers block to wear off and Lena comes and says..." hey momma, lets go up on the roof and look for shooting starts. I did have to get the laundry off the lines anyway so I reluctantly said okay.

Man, that Lena is smart. It was so nice to lay down on the roof and watch the clouds dance over the moon. The kids were taking turns singing me songs. It was really a nice way to end the day. And now we are all showered and ready for bed. Man, back in the states I would put the kids to bed and take a bath and have some red wine... well--- here- not so much. I have not been able to afford wine in I do not know how long and I do not even know anyone with a bathtub. There are some things that I really miss.


Leslie Limon said...

I think that most of us moms feel this way, especially during summer vacation. But how nice and sweet it is to have the kids come up with something that just helps to relax you! I agree with you on the tub thing. There have been MANY days that I have longed for a Calgon moment. Best of luck to you with your business!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Awww, Minds we all get down from time to time but just do your best to stay positive; count all of your blessings and hug and kiss on your beauitful kids! =)

Chrissy y Keith said...

I understand. This is just another season in your life and it will change. Is there anyway you can share walking duties with another Mom close bye?

my life isnt easy but its the only one i got said...

Hey minds I am sorry today was hard for you but know that I love you and tomorrow is a new day. I love you sis and I hope tomorrow is better for you.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Days with our children are often like this - the low "I my gosh feeling" coupled with the extreme high of seeing life through the eyes of a child. I have found this swing of emotions to be an unexpected part of parenting.

Tulum Living said...

Leslie: I have joined the group of moms of summer vacation. And we really need to work on getting more bath tubs in Mexican homes.

Sam- it is not even so much being down as just being overwhelmed and trying to do too many things at the same time. But the kids do really help.

C&K: I do not know about that...I will have to look into that. Not a bad idea. I probably could not do it with both kids but at least 1 would help.

Kev: thanks honey you are really sweet. I am so excited that you will be state side soon.

AMM: There have been many unexpected surprises to parenting. But I am enjoying most of them.:)

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I remember once when my girls were 4 and 2 greeting their father with "Thank goodness, someone over 3 feet tall to talk to!". Have you considered getting someone to either clean for you or watch the kids (personally, I vote for someone to clean) so you can work? It's amazing what having someone come in once or twice a week can do for you!

Paula said...

Honey, I hope this week finds you feeling more you

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