Always a change of plan

So we get home from a wonderful time on the beach and there is just a TON of laundry to do. Which is not too big of a deal because there seems to be a large break in the rain coming. At least enough clear and sunny hours to get our cloths dry. But herein lies my problem.

Right when we get all set to do go outside and throw buckets of water into our washing machine... it does not start. This is very bad news. We simply have a ton of laundry and this is horrible timing.

At least this has happened to us once before so we know what to do. When we first bought the washing machine at Telebodega in Playa del Carmen we were going to get a different washing machine. A worker walked by and was talking to Ruben and told him not to get the digital (more expensive) one because in this humidity and rain- the washing machine outside... he said it was going to get fried. That is a much more expensive problem then replacing 1 chip.

So Ruben is off to his wine class today and passed through Playa del Carmen to get my chip. Tomorrow promises to be a crazy day.

The again the schedule always turns in a way that makes more sence. Lena's ear infection was keeping her pretty down for the count and wanting to cuddle. It was a day of movies in bed in front of the fan.

Today the house is finally clean. ALL the laundry is piled high in the corner ready to get washed, The floors are swept, and there is food in the fridge. So it is a good day.

The kids room is an absolute war zone. That is the next little project but I am going to need Ruben and the kids help on that one.

So for now, I write and cook. A pretty normal day.


Leslie Limon said...

I can totally relate! I haven't been able to do laundry in a little over a week, because of the rain. 6 people create quite a pile of dirty clothes. I spent all morning doing laundry, but didn't finish. (Not enough hanging space!) I'm hoping that the clothes dry before the rain starts.

But don't you just love how you think you're going to be doing one thing, and you end up doing other things, because there was a slight change in plans! Keeps life interesting!

Refried Dreamer said...

i got you both beat.

Today I went to start the dryer.... yes i have a drier here.... and my dog's food started shooting out the back....

and then it stopped.

so... I started it again.

More came out.... and then it quit.

so...I started it again.

It turned on... banged around and quit again.

It won't turn back on. period.

i pulled the dryer out to check the chute.

There was a mouse tail and a crapload of mouse blood. Apparently, a mouse had been living in the chute... and lived his final days. I ain't touching it. So, there is still a dead rat chopped in pieces somewhere in my drier and I'm waiting for hubby to get home and handle it.

I do have my limits.

Amme said...

Keep up the positive attitude! You are an amazing woman and family!

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