Raining on My parade

The weather in Tulum and all over the Rivera Maya is a totally new experience for me. Sort of.... I am originally from Portland, OR -known for its ridiculous amount of rainfall and grey cloudy days. Then,Spokane, Washington with the most 4 season system I have every seen. There is extreme hot (110/) in Summer) and extreme cold (-15 in winter) The fall and winter were very rainy in Spokane!!!!Then it was off to San Francisco where the weather was remarkably like Oregon. There were a lot of overcast, foggy days and a lot of wind and drizzle.

And now I live in the tropics where the back of my house sits against the rain forest and all its fun inhabitants. (Both sarcasm and not meant here!)

I have often said how much I love the rain here and I do. I love the feeling of being warm and feeling warm fresh water fall from the sky. it blows in fast and hard and usually comes and goes. Often when coming in as fast and hard as it does our street gets a little flooded. But oh well.

Well, YESTERDAY!!!!! Oh WOW- There was thunder and lighting for hours. Akilean woke up at 5:00 and just was awake! not upset -not scared- just up. Thanks you for that!

We sat up for the next few hours and listened to the storm which at times was very scary sounding. ti sounded like the earth was going to open.

The rain came in a few hours later and boy did it come in. It did not take long for our street to flood. I looked out side and saw that our garbage can was floating away. After a quick rescue I was soaked. I went to the back yard where things were even worse.

Our back patio has a lip from the kitchen so it would have to have at least 7 inches of water in the backyard before cresting into the house. As we only had about an inch of safety left, I ran out side to make sure that drain was not blocked by the fallen jungle leaves.

The water started to go down but it was re flooded a short time later. It turned out to be quite the project to keep all the leaves clear on the drain but we managed.

The kids of course just LOVE to swim in the rain. They love to swim all the time but especially in the warm tropical rain.

But now we have a new problem. The sheer amount of jungle creatures that are finding their way into y home. there were many frogs in my grass, tons of cockroaches all over the house, spiders that I have never even seen before, and the mosquitoes are going to send Ruben right over the edge.

As I was walking to the store last night I had no choice but to drudge through 9-10 inches of water because there was no way to get thorough. When my friends poked their head out of their doors with smiles on their faces and laughing at my situation- I said "ah well, es Mexico! and sitting under a palm tree on the beach is soooooo worth this."


Paula said...

Wow, that is crazy! Glad to hear the water did not get into the house. hope it dries out soon
love you

Chrissy y Keith said...

I grew up in a small town just North west of Spokane, then moved to Spokane for College, then off to Alaska for 20 years, now here in Arizona. We are hoping for some rain here too. Clounds on the horizon, but I think the valley heat will keep them in the hills.

Paul said...

Like the blog, hate the music.

Steve Cotton said...

And I thought we got a lot of rain on this side of the country.

Steve Cotton said...

I forgot to ask: Where are the pictures of the spiders?

On Mexican Time said...

LOL - I have to laugh at Pauls comment about the music! LOL!!

Also, the bugs WILL just drive a person crazy!!!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Momma- it comes and goes pretty often! but the house is safe.

C&K- I love the Spokane area. I bet Alaska was amazing!- Sending thoughts of rain!

Paul- I know- It was just for the memorial posts of my grandma- You and Nancy win!hehehe

Steve- Oh baby- we will give you a run for your money over here. Even by Oregon standards it is a lot rain. :) And I will get more adventurous with the pics of the nasty creatures.

I have 1 video of a wormy fuzzy guy (sort of looked like the old Alf character. Its on facebook- Not sure how to load it.

Mexican time- I know music is off! It fit the 2 posts but on to normal things. We continue to try to stay sane!

Refried Dreamer said...

i don't know what happened to your recent post.... but if you'd like to talk or just vent, lemme know. or email me.


Hope everything is ok.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

wow - your attitude is great. That was quite the flood and the critters ... ugh ...

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