swimming in a rainstorm- and saving the laundry

Anyone who lives in the Yucatan peninsula knows that the rain here comes in fast and it comes in hard. There have been countless times that m cloths have been have been hanging on the line and suddenly a downpour. One thing that I do love about this is how great it makes the cloths smell. But after having the same set of cloths on the line for several days, not able to get dry I was determined to beat the rain cloud and get my cloths off the line. The kids and I ran to the back and frantically started unpining. We could tell by the cloud that this was going to be a really big drenching. And it was.

The water that fell first hit the roof top and rolled off making it down right HOT! It actually stung just a touch, probably more out of shock then anything but oh well. The kids wasted no time jumping naked into the pool while the rain came beating down on them. First of all they simly LOVE getting in the little. They are in it all day and all night. It is great. But they especially love playing in the rain here. So the pool and the rain... that is just paradise within paradise!

We got a little traped in our house becuase by the time we got the cloths off the line and the kids out of the pool the whole block was flooded. We hung out for a whle and then decided to trudge and get through somehow and head over to Juan and Georgia's house so the kids could play. But the time that I got back we found a little friend in our house. Anyone who knows me knows that I have has a thing for frogs and turtles my whole life. It was really cute.

The kids were dying to keep the frog but alas, the frog had to go home to his family. It was a really cute little frog but that was the first time I have ever had to get one out of my house. We found one living in the wheel of our cooler once and that one was really cute but smaller.

I wonder what we will find next time. :)


Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Oh my that was a ton of rain!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula said...

the rain looks awesome! glad you got the clothes in...talk to you soon
love you

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