the kids new pool

Well, the kids finally have a new pool that, even better is finally full of water. This is the 3rd pool that the kids have had. The first one, a cheap blow up pool lasted maybe 2 weeks. It was also our first lesson in the difference between having a little blowup pool in the USA vs. in Mexico.

The first thing we found out is that the quality of things here is sooooooooo much lower then that in the USA. Certainly not on everything, but the things in our price range are all very poor quality. In the states you got better stuff for your money. The next thing we figured out was that there is almost no day that you do not go into your little pool. It was not even summer when we found this out.

After that pool had hit the trash can we bought the non blowup pool. This one has semi hard sides that are held up by the water on the inside of the pool. Well, that means that the pool itself needs to be on a steady level surface and that is hard to find. It did not take long for the sides of this pool to get a crack in it allowing for the water to slowly leak from the side. This would not have been too big of a deal except the water pressure in our back yard is so bad that it takes about 6 hours to fill up the pool so water goes in about the same speed as it comes out.

We finally got a new pool for the kids. We wanted to get the kids the better blowup pool and with the devastated economy here right now due to swine flu we really could not buy anything. At the same time we are not going anywhere because of money so being stuck at home. With no pool in the throws of summer it was getting pretty miserable. We swallowed the pride and emailed the family back in the states. Grandma and Grandpa Standring came through and sent the money for the new pool. The kids are thrilled. And just to be extra safe (lets face it - this one is going to break too - it is just a matter of time.) we put the new one into the old one. I hope it lats at least for a while.

Speaking of grandparents I am so excited that my step dad has finally finished his big case. He is a lawyer in San Diego and has been working his ass off for this case and it is finally in the hands of the jury. So I guess that is not really finished yet, but... at least there is nothing he can do now. I am really hoping that they get a chance to come down and visit soon. The kids just light up when they see or talk to Grandma and Grandpa Rockwood and my world changes for the better every time I talk to them and even more so when I get to see them.

My momma was going to send me a care package from the states. Just some coffee, some of my all time favorite spice in the world Pappy's and some Thai chili sauce. the package all of a few pounds was going to cost $125 to send here. I told her to wait and just get a ticket for those kind of prices. They were really nice and sent us some money and I was able to buy my bike which made me so happy. I just cannot wait for them to get here. I hope that it will be soon.


Teresa said...

Hi, just found your blog and love it. I've lived in Mexico 6 years and can relate alot to what you are talking about. I just got a package from a friend that just had some dried onion soup mix, licorice, and bath and body works (ahhhhhh.....) and it cost them $60 to send, outrageous isn't it! By the way I also love your other cooking blog, keep up the good work!

Nancy said...


Do you guys have a farm equipment place around anywhere where you could get a stock tank? Might last longer!

I hate to say anything negative but I am not a fan of music on blogs, I have to say! Most of the time I am already listening to music and it goes on top of my music and then I have to click away to stop it, the usual mute doesn't work. ANyway, my 2 pesos!

Love you though, and it won't keep me away!


Refried Dreamer said...

Hey my mom just called and said that Fed Ex or UPS (can't remember, but i think Fed Ex) now has a INTERNATIONAL package (small rectangular box) that can be sent internationally for $14. That's it. Up to 20 lbs. Not bad for a care package. All you would have to worry about is that nosey aduana. Good luck!

Leslie Limon said...

We have to buy the kids a new pool every year! And each time, we buy a better pool than the last, but they still break, crack or rip. But it's so worth it to see the smiles on the kids' faces.

Care packages are always the best! Hope you enjoy yours when your mom takes it to you!!!

Paula said...

Great post! I hope this new pool lasts a little longer. I will check out the fed ex international rate. Still waiting on the jury to come back, they had a couple of questions yesterday that made me think it was going well, but you never is like waiting for a baby to be born! Love you

Paula said...

I usually have my sound turned off, but wheni read the comment about your music I turned up the sound and since I usually have the TV on ehen reading blogs, the music was nice. how did you figure our how to do it? I guess I really am behind the curve!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Theresa- Welcome. Isn't it funny how many of us have such similar experiences here. and I LOVE Bath and Body Works Yummy!

Nancy- Sorry about the music. I am glad it will not keep you away. I will move it up towards the top so you can stop my music.

Dreamer- I told my momma about the Int. rate. If that works out that would be so cool. Thanks for the tip.

Leslie- The pools are so worth it. There is not a day that goes by the kids are not in that pool- even in a rain storm.

Momma- I miss you and cannot wait for Neal's case to be done. I hope that it finishes well. Then you guys can come and visit! hehehe

Familia Valdiviezo said...

My fam just sent me apackage that was 8 pounds for 25 bucks. Good ol United States Postal Service!

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