a wonderful time at the beach

On Tuesday Ruben had his day off and I was so ready for some time with him. Having only 1 day off a week is really hard sometimes. but oh well. It was my plan to head down to a cenote for a good morning of swimming and then head home for our friends 5th birthday party. As soon as we found out that party was on the beach we changed up our plans.

We headed down to the part of the beach in Tulum that is my absolute favorite. It is south on the beach road towards the bio reserve of Sian Ka'an. The beaches here are just amazing. Akilean had the great idea that Ruben should get him a coco. That is not always that hardest thing in the world but sometimes, especially without shoes it can be very hard.

Ruben gave it his best shot but was not able to come down with any coconuts. We had a really nice relaxing few hours. Lena went straight in the water and did not come out for a few hours. She absolutely LOVES the water. She always has but now that we are in front of a large mass of water that is calm, warm and full of cool fish she has pretty much not stopped wanting to be in the water.

Akilean for whatever reason did not want to wear his suit so he is sporting the naked look. This is just fine for us because he really needs to work on butt tan. Ever since we cut his hair he looks SOOOOOO American. It is crazy how different he looks with his hair.

The party was wonderful. It was right on the beach and was the perfect place for a party. We brought some tuna salad and chips and watermelon and there was also some pasta and salad. It was great.

Carlos gave Yaomi a little bow and arrow. It was beautifully made had the most beautifully carved tips. Kennedy and Akilean got their first lesson.

The pinata was the BEST part. It is always the best part but this one was full of peanuts and sweet oranges and some sweet bars that are made of nuts and honey. It was great.

All the kids had a great time. They were climbing and running and having a great time. There was a large net that they climbed up on a played and us adults all watched the most spectacular moon rise over the sea. It was breath taking.

I also got to meet some very wonderful people which was perfect. Ruben and I are working on building our friends up again and starting from scratch. We have met some amazing people who think like we do, have the same passion about Mexico in them as Ruben (and I have to say is growing inside of me) they are wonderful and I am so excited to be getting to be such good friends with them.


Leslie Limon said...

Life doesn't get much better, does it?

Paula said...

What a fun day and living in paradise seems to agree with all of you

On Mexican Time said...

Awesome! I think I am going to have to hit up the beach this weekend!!

It's very tough making new friends here... I was fortunate to make friends here 5 years ago when I first lived and worked here. We remained friends while I was gone! Thank goodness for me :)

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