The kids hair goes to Locks for Love

The kids had cut their hair a long while back. I wrote about it here in this post. I gave the ponytails to my Dad when i saw him for my grandma's funeral. I sent him the pictures that I wanted included with the letters that the kids had written.

Cassidy works in my dads office and luckily she had remembered that there was a form that you had to fill out when you send in your hair. It has been a long time since I donated my hair. Cassidy also arranged the the note from my kids and the photos in a really cute way. They really turned out really cute. I am really thankful for Cassidy and my Dad putting that together. I know the kids really have enjoyed the whole donating thing and these little keepsakes are really nice to have.

Locks for Love is an amazing organization that makes hair pieces for children that have lost their hair due to illness or the treatment of an illness. Anyone who has ever had the experience of losing hair I am sure can appreciate what a great gift it is. For more information of donating either hair or money you can visit their website here.


Anonymous said...

Hey I put the pics and stuff together :-)

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