The Big Cut!!!

Anyone who knows me and my family is familiar with a few things. One is that I am very short. Another is that Ruben is very good looking and still, probably the most recognizable is my children and their very long hair.

I have vowed that I would not cut Lena's hair until she was 5. and Akilean has such cute hair and his ponytail, more recently, his braid was so much a part of their look. They, like I have been growing their hair out for Locks for Love. This is an organization that creates hair pieces for children with terminal illnesses who have lost their hair.

I have donated 2 times to this group and will do so again and again. This time it was Kennedy and Akilean's turn. They drew very cute cards for the children who will receive their hair.

The look so different. They are so cute but so different. Now that we are all short haired... we look forward to growing it out again to donate.

To learn about Locks for Love... click here.

The other cool thing is that now that I am home, I am unpacking all of the cool things that i bought and even more so that Ruben's family bought for us. They got the kids so many cloths. They are totally set. And now that we have lived here a while we were able to tell them exactly the sort of cloths that we wear and they showered so much on us.

I cannot say thank you enough for my Mom and Neal and Ryan, for their gifts and moreover their company and to Ruben's family who could not and would not stop buying stuff for the kids and for Ruben and I. And for my brother Ryan who brought me 2 pieces of art (ironically originally from Mexico, brought to the USA, bought by me in Portland Or and now returned to Mexico) But they have totally made our house feel like our home.


Mama of 4 said...

How wonderful that your kids can be involved in caring and giving at such a young age. These are moments that will always remember and cherish.

Anonymous said...

I love the haircuts, they look SO cute!!

On Mexican Time said...

They look absolutely adorable, AND for such a great cause.... I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when I was 17, and too old to qualify for any treatments and/or locks of hair free of charge... I can honestly tell you that the gift you and your family are giving these kids means SOOOOO much more than anyone can imagine! So thank you!!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Thank you all. I have had a small experience loosing a section of my hair when I was in college and learned of Locks for Love at that time. While I did not need a piece I knew what it felt like to loose your hair and we all have been so happy to donate. Plus it is a great way to introduce the issue of cancer to my kids as it is an issue that they will need to be aware of as they grow older.

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