Surprise Abuelita!!!! And a nice date with Akilean

Okay. So now that we are here. here are the pics from when we surprised grandma. It was so cute. I got in late at night and Juana picked us up at the airport. After sleeping at her house we all went to breakfast. I was going to surprise her sister and her kids but I guess that on her way to the restaurant she had called Ruben and he told her I was here. WTF!!! After a month of keeping it secret. Juana brought us up here to surprise the family and the cat got out of the bag at the last minute. It was not that big of a deal because the kids were really surprised and they loved it.

But the really great part was that after breakfast we went to pick up Ruben's mom. She had absolutely no idea that we were coming at all. I was in Juana's car and as we pulled up and I jumped out... well , I mean you can see it on her face. It was classic. Akilean was in the back seat and they quickly started hugging and kissing. Lena was in Lupe's car (Ruben's other sister) and so as soon as they came to a stop Kennedy jumped into her grandma's arms. It was really cute. By no-- obviously Ruben's mom is crying her eyes out. It was so cute.

That afternoon I went with Ruben's parents to visit Ruben's little brother Cesar. It was really great to see him too. I miss him a lot. We were always very close.

That was a few days ago but I am just getting around to blogging about it. A lot of this is not in the line of time... I still have a lot to say about the wedding and Chichen Itza and all.

I took Akilean on a date this morning. I love going on dates. The other day I went with Lena and my niece Melanie. We amped up on the walk saying it was a "ladies Lunch" and we were all going to be ladies like the princesses. And they had a great time. Well Today was Akilean.

It was fun because on our walk we came to the old SF library on 5th and mission. Well, he wanted to spend 15 minutes walking on the edge holding on to the railing. "okay, we have all the time in the world" It was so cute. He spent some time on this project of making it all the way to the other end. ( A victory marked by a hige high 5!) The funny thing was that 1) we had a small audience by the end of it and 2) almost at the very last point (after about 12 minutes of focus) he jumps down, reaches his hand in through the gate to the grass and grabs a dandilion and hands it to me with a huge proud smile, and then jumps back up on the edge! This kid is a great date.

We go to breakfast again at my friends restaurant where the benefit of eating there is great food and lots of it for a next to nothing price. And Akilean is just such a little gentlemen the whole time. He asked for a cup of tea and actually drank it. He ate a bunch of fresh berries (which is hard to get in my area of Mexico) and was polite and kind the whole time. It was great.

Then later on tonight I made dinner for Ruben's family. And this is one of the few times that I have so far. Usually a Thanksgiving style dinner or a birthday party but this was one of the rare times that I just made dinner for the family. I made one of my favorite dishes. -- A chorizo, veggie sauce over spaghetti. The family loved it.- It turned out really good.

I am having a really good time with Ruben's family but I really miss Ruben. I am so glad we have the vonage phone and I can call him anytime that I want when he is not at work. That makes it feel like he is closer. I know that he wishes he were here too. We are happy living were we live and we do not want to leave Mexico but I know that he wishes he could be around his family.


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