My walk around San Francisco

I love San Francisco. I spent a great day last week walking around the city and taking pictures of some of my favorite things. This city is so amazing, especially when you look at the right things in the right way. Especially on a beautiful sunny day this city is stunning.

San Francisco is such a small area and yet has so many distinct areas from China town, North Beach, The Financial district, Mission, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Castro, City Hall & Fisherman's Wharf. And that is just to name a few. Each of these areas has its each style and character. And that they are so different from each other and yet are literally just a few blocks from each other. In the above examples I did not even leave the downtown area and yet there are so many other areas.

I spent my morning walking around 6th and Folsom up towards City Hall. This area is a favorite of mine for a few reasons. One big one is that it is where the outdoor scenes were filmed for the film version of Rent. Every time I watch that movie it makes me miss home. Not to mention that this area is where I lived and walked for many years in SF. There are so many random colorful things done in a way that only SF would do them. It has one of my all time favorite buildings in SF. This weird building on 6th and Howard that has all of these strange things hanging out of the side of it. There are so many people that drive by that never even see it. It has a piano, bathtub, fridge, lamps and stuff like that.

I also got to finally see the latest Federal building that I watched them build outside of my apartment for YEARS!!! And it is one of the ugliest things that I have ever seen. Oh well, I am sure it important architecturally speaking and such. But I hated it.

After that I went to the city hall farmers market for a few snacks. I always loved this market. For one it was right next to my old apartment that I lived in on McAllister Street and it always was so lively and fun. On a beautiful day city hall is so nice. And the park here is nice as well. I never really brought the kids here because they were a little to young when we lived here to play in this park but it is a very nice park.

I then took myself to North Beach and had a quite lunch all by myself at my favorite little restaurant in SF. This is the only thing that I ever sent Ruben out for when I was pregnant through both kids. It is called Mona Lisa. It has my all time favorite dish in the world... tortellini with Gorgonzola sauce. It was a really nice lunch in a very nice little restaurant.

Afterwards I walked around and saw some of the places that really made me think of Ruben. Like the Tadich Grill. This is in the Financial district and is the longest running restaurant in San Francisco. I love the artichokes here. Neal and Momma brought me here once for dinner and I loved it. Ruben and I would always come here to enjoy killer lemon drops between shifts at Chevy's.

I really love this town. I miss living here. I am glad I do not because we are in a different time in our lives living a different existence but I miss it here.


Samantha the ArmyWife said...

I'm happy you had a good time tooling around you're old stomping ground! :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!

Leslie Limon said...

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Jasmine said...

San Francisco misses you too!!! It was amazing seeing you here and I look forward to coming to Mexico this summer, love you Mindy, Ruben, Kennedy, and Kilian!

Anonymous said...

Mona Lisa was fabulous...the I understand why its your fav!:)

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