Giants Game & Jasmine

Juana and Freddie took all of the kids to a Giants game on day and they all had so much fun. I would have loved to go with them but I had some business to tend to and then DMV in SF while run very efficiently is still a nightmare. Here are some pics from the game. I especially love that Lena is so multi colored!

I was also very lucky because one of the friends that I really wanted to see while I was in SF was my friend Jasmine. I tried to google her to see if I could find her but I could not. As I was standing waiting for the bus near the dmv I heard this "Mindy?!?" There she was. Both of in a totally random area that we are not usually at. We got off the bus and went and got a bottle of wine and 2 tiny little Dixie cups and sat in the park and talked. It was so great to see her.

It was a really hot day (93) in SF (perfect for me as I had been freezing since landing) We both looked really cute in our little sun dresses and had no where to go. It was great. We went back to her apartment and much to my happiness- she is still with the same great guy she was with when I lived there. Things seem to be going amazingly well for them and that made me very happy. It sounds like they might come and visit us this summer. YEAH!!!


Paula said...

How cool to run into your friend like that! I guess it was meant to be and by the way you both look really cute
Love you

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